Review 1226

I was taken back by the grey!! I was surprised! You don’t see many grey blogs around! I liked the picture there, and the fact that everything was in nice little boxes, so it was clear to see exactly what this blog has!

The blog is a mixture of songs to listen too, quizzes that have been taken with some personal stuff thrown into the bag for good measure!!! It contains the tales of her over 30 girlfriend and a mention of work, as well as a couple of calls for help for information!!

The site is well laid out, and you can separate the main blog from all the links. There is a bio to give you a little more information, and the blog is part of a bigger site. There is plenty to see and some of the links appear in pop up boxes so that you do not stray from the main content.

This is a nice little site, and has various posts and many things to see here via the numerous links. The personal stories are quite small, though they do make good reading. redsugar

Review 1222

Nice purple colours, nice big picture and lots of text!!! Text nicely on a purple background to make it easy to see, links all to the left. Oh, I liked the look of this!!! I am expecting a personal site and hoping for gossip!!

Oh dear, she is having a rough time of things at the moment, and tells you just how bad things are, but in such a way, that you cannot help smiling!! You can relate to what she says about people ganging up to get you! The blog is well written and very personal giving you a true insight as to what is in this girls head. You feel as though you actually get to know here as you read through the entries.

This is a well thought out blog, but my only worry was, and it could just be me, was that when I followed links to the bio etc, I could not get straight back to the blog! I landed up hitting the back button the whole time!
There is alot of information on this site, and I get the impression that M has put alot of thought into the content of this blog. You can find out all you need to know about her! You get plenty of chance to see her too with her large collection of photos!

If you want to find yourself a site where you can get to know someone online, then this is the site for you! There is loads of background information, pictures and real life stories of where she is every other day! The site is well designed with the purple theme running throughout. I did not visit all the links and there were quite a few, but they are clearly sectioned!

I really enjoyed reviewing this, and I think it is a site that will suit anyone that, like me, is nosey!! I enjoyed my visit here and am already wishing M luck with her job interview and sorting out her cable!! I think this is worth a visit!!! Very enjoyable!given . eyes . to . see

Review 1083

It’s dude! Yeah!

The first thing that catches my eye, are moving items, and the word dude. The design is not flattering, and would send most people to the back button quickly. Everything is kind of thrown up in this odd mishmash, and there are broken links for images. The color scheme is off, and hard on the eyes. It was hard to read through much of the front page. The archives are set at a black and white plain default which makes them easier to read, but breaks the continuity of the site itself.

I thought for sure that inside of this old school design there might be words of wisdom, posts of reflection and thoughts deeper than accounts of daily life. It boils down to mostly daily life accounts, which really get boring after the first ten posts. You do get a more personal glimpse as you look at the Blogger Insider posts, but it mostly reads like your typical teenage weblog. Please understand that Al is not a teenager. I wish I could say there was something about this site that would bring me back again, but there isn’t.

Review 1010

My first impression upon visiting (almost a year ago) The Cheney Daily was what can best be called ‘intrigued’. The idea of writing a satirical blog about the daily musings of the Vice-President of the United States (or as the author puts it, ‘the most powerfull man in the free world’) kind of blew my mind. I thought, well this is original, this takes guts.

I loved this blog immediatly. The first posts were kind of tentative. The Author wrote about what he had for lunch or dinner, just like about every other new blogger does. The author wrote each blog entry in the frame of mind of a sixty plus year old man that doesn’t quite understand how the internet or computers work, but is doing it because “My advisors suggested I keep a journal so that the public can see that I am in good health. Some of my staff set me up with this website.” Throughout the blog the author comments on current events, the comments are never more than a few sentences, on what the ‘Vice President’ is thinking, and on just about anything that might peak the ‘Most Powerfull Man In The Free World’s’ interest. An example of an average entry; May 5th-“If you get a chance, try and catch me this morning on CNN. If you see me touch my glasses that will be my signal to you that I’m annoyed.” Remember our spy plane being taken by the Chinese? Excellent and hilarious comments during the entire period. One thing I really respected out of this blog was after the events of September 11th there was well over a week hiatus in posts. I liked how the author respected the fact that wether you agree with the Vice-President or not, there are times when the satire stops. After September 11th was when the blog got really good. On our bombing (into the stone age) of Afghanistan; “Come to Kabul and see the world like it existed a 1000 years ago.”

The site design was simple, very government like, with a smirking (or smiling depending on what side of the politcal fence you are) Dick Cheney in the uppper left hand corner. There is a short but informative (also hilarious) FAQ. The real gem in this site is the ‘Feedback’ section. Where you can write to the Vice President about anything that strikes your fancy. Some people write about current events, some about problems they are having in their life. The Cheney Daily answers them all. This reviewer asked him a question also, and I have to say, the answer had me rolling on the floor.

Mr. Cheney,

If I lose my leg in a motorcycle accident when I am 28, but live another thirty years, will my leg be waiting for me when I get to heaven?



It will be waiting for you. But, I am not sure why you want to carry your leg around with you in heaven.


Another great feature about The Cheney Daily is the ‘Random Dick’ section. Which is random comments that the Vice President has made throughout his blog. Comments like; ” Today I am in Salt Lake City for a GOP event…Boise for some fundraising and finally back to Wyoming. I am calling it diversity-free Saturday. ” or; “Last night I had a dream where I was a young african-american woman.”

I’ve never given five stars out to a site before, but this one deserves it. Why? Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are, I think you will enjoy this site. It almost seems like the author started out as a democrat who did not have a high regard for the Vice President, but in the last year, even though not agreeing with him, through introspection, realized, well this is just a normal man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The Cheney Daily is closing its doors this week, it will cease to be a site you can visit, for whatever reasons. Hopefully you’ve read it already, or have gotten the chance to read it after reading this review. I’m going to miss it. Five stars, this is a classic.

The Cheney Daily

Review 891

Ineffectual is a web log that is quite basic and exceptionally effective for what it is. Basically, the webmaster of this site writes about some everyday things as well as lots of stuff he finds all over the internet.

The design of this web log is what caught my attention the most. It’s quite simple yet very nice.

The word ‘ineffectual’ according to means…

1 : not producing the proper or intended effect : FUTILE


I can honestly say that this website did not affect me in any way; the effects were little to none. So, I guess the intended purpose here was indeed achieved.

This is a simple web log, it doesn’t do anything wrong but just the same, it’s not deserving of anything higher than a 4.

Browse this web log as you like but don’t expect it to evoke any emotions or change your life. It’s just not that complicated, it’s simple and for that it gets a respectable 4.ineffectual.