Review 781

Random Meanderings is, as of this date, the best title I’ve found on a log. Not only is it the best title, but probably the most descriptive of the content.

This guy’s thoughts bounce around like a pinball in a rubber factory. His posts are diverse, from his discussion of his difficulties writing songs because he’s just not mad at anyone, to his vivid description of his trip to an Nsync concert with his daughter, which was my personal favorite. His posts are intelligent, and very easy to read. His posts, while lengthy, read so fast, as they’re so well written, that I got to the end of the post and was left wanting more to read.

The design, well, it’s a blogger template, but it happens to be my favorite, so I’ll swing with it. There are very few external links, however, the links that are there, which are to his girlfriend’s and his band, and his personal sites, work, and that’s all I ask for.

Overall, the downside to this site is that the posts start in October and there are no archives, however, though the posts are kind of sparse in October, the posts that are there are great long and good reading.

There is a link to his new ‘Live Journal’ which contains much more current material, and, from what I read, will be where he does his writing in the future, and I would suggest that he submit that site for review as well.

The upsides, this guy can flow. His writing style is quick, smart and funny, and I personally look forward to reading more of his material on his new site.

Random Meanderings