Review 847

A nice clean layout with a nice combination of colours. It is called A family weblog so I was looking for several members to be making entries and maybe passing notes to each other! The links were mainly internal to the Blog… so I started to read.

I established that there were 4 members of the family and looking back on the archives it seems that they do take it in turns to write, though some more often than others. The posts were not what I expected, but still interesting! It would appear to me that some of the family write with stories and links to other sites that they think the rest of the family and the readers will enjoy, whilst others get alitle more personal telling you snippets of information about their individual lives.

The design is a simple 2 column layout with a nice white background with a clear font. there are splashes of colour that appear that make it alittle more personal. The headings are nice and clear so you get an idea of what you are about to read.

There are internal links with a few external down the lower end of the page. It is nice to see what previous posts are called so you can get an idea of what they are about, which I think is nicer than just dates.

A nice log, though I did have to delve in the archives to get the more intimate details from the posts. I must admit that I enjoyed these posts than some of the most recent, but that is because I am nosey!! A well written blog, with some interesting stories and links contained within. An easy to read blog, but I am not sure I could follow their life story from it. I enjoyed my visit.

Review 776

This site really threw me for a loop as soon as the weblog page loaded. It’s a table set up in three columns, each of which are part of the weblog. And because of that, it’s a bit hard on the eyes.

Each date has a several URLs (set up much like a meme), a journal entry of sorts, and things in the third column ranging from Japan info, or “what happened on this date” tidbits.

The URLs were quite intriguing, and were things I, too, felt were link-worthy. The rest of the site, though, lacked the personal content quantity I thought it needed.

The quality of personal content was outstanding. I really wish the author would slip in some more witty or rhetorical quips of his own. I eventually found myself scouring through the archives just to find a small post he’d made himself.

Mr. Pants seems like an entertaining guy that could very easily draw people back to his site, if he’d just post his personal views more often. misterpants

Review 772

No, Marta, your navigation is not intuitive. I have just had to rewrite a review, because, it looked like you had only written eleven posts. Ever.

This is not the way to make me happy.

Fortunate for her that I found it, because now i’ve found some much better stuff.

This is a straight up weblog of the journal genre. The writing is passable and does the job, although occasionaly it’s inarticulacy becomes apparent.

It’s full of competent photography, that thankfully load quickly. They are well taken and definently add value to this site.

It looks stylish (considering it’s in beige and grey) but in my opinion the navigation is weak and keeping posts on seperate pages is the wrong choice.

Another commendable aspect is the passion and enthusiasm that this weblog is infused with, making it an uplifting read.

Worth a visit for the photography, and maybe the writing.sum1undercover

Review 772

What a fantastic personal site. It is really hard to explain the experiences I felt while reading this site. It had me hooked from the first post (most recent) so I went all the way back to the very first post and read the site that way.

Starting with the weblog itself we have a very well written site about a Portuguese girl living in the states. She only recently started the site (Aug) and has been very consistent with her writing. Some of her posts are just pictures taken with the digital camera she has, while others are ramblings about her daily life.

The way she writes about these things is what caught me. I could connect with her very easily which was amazing. The best way to describe how interesting her posts, is to quote her about her friend, but I feel that it is also true about the author.

“If you were at a party and didn’t know anyone she’s the one that would have you crackin’ up within a minute to make you feel more comfortable.”

She did just that; make me feel comfortable with in a minute.

The design of her site is very nice and simple. It is kept very small, though it works very well for her. The colors and design bring added warmth to the words that are written in her weblog.

If you want a site that you can connect to the author right away, this is the one for you. Very few sites have actually been able to do this for me, and I am glad that I found this one.sum1undercover