Review 2110

Let me begin in saying that I honestly think the title “Keyboard Confessional” is a spectacular title for a web log; I just wish I’d have thought of it first.

The web log itself is an exceptional one because it showcases an author who can write, which is always a rare and huge plus in the web log world.

The design of the site is very simplistic and I find that refreshing. Anything overbearing would take away from the personality of the writer and would be detrimental to the overall feel at Keyboard Confessional.

The entries here range from everyday rants and revelations to a more in-depth conversation about life and the things it encourages and/or discourages.

Keyboard Confessional is worth your time, if you’re one who comes to a blog for it’s writing. It received a 4.0 from me because I found that although well written, it lacked that ever important charisma that keeps myself and others returning for more. I also didn’t find it very confessing as the title implies. And to not meet the complete expectations of that title is simply a crime. Overall, however, I found Keyboard Confessional to be a 5.0 hopeful and truly a good find.Keyboard Confessional

Review 2035

The first thing I read on the site was, “No Longer Bottled Up, I’m Spreading My Wings” which seemed to sum up the entire site in one little phrase.

We have Rebeka who has put a lot of heart and soul into her weblog. What makes her site different than a normal weblog is that it crosses that line between weblog and diary just enough to give all the voyeurs a little bit more of a taste.

The quality of her writing is well above most. She is able to make you think that she is right next to you with her words. The way she talks about her daily life, you almost become the “silent” best friend. Text sometimes has a problem in that it is hard to figure out emotions. With Rebeka’s diary, you know what she is going through, the good to the bad, to the wonderful to the sad. Every emotion she wants to convey, she does. And she does it well.

The design of the site is simple and elegant. There are some alignment problems, but it really isn’t distracting. The image of the butterfly mixed, with that of the bottle is a perfect fit for the site, along with the title that I started this review out with.

Over all Rebeka’s diary is a good read. She is moving soon and it should be interesting to see where that takes us on her ride. If you want to be taken for an emotional roller coaster like a good book, then this is the site for you.
Rebeka’s Diary

Review 2035

My first impression of the site was that it looks like a lot of love and hard work has gone into making it look presentable. This really made me want to read what the author had to say.
The thing that stood out most in my view is the subtle use of colour.

The weblog was filled with the author’s true emotions, if I closed my eyes I could feel as though I was actually in her shoes, which made her writing an excellent read.
The writing at times is so emotion filled that it actually sent chills down my spine, for example the entry titled “Dear Molester”.

The purpose of this weblog seems to be an emotional outlet, a place where Rebecka can write her thoughts and feelings and not be judged by those around her.

The design compliments the site nicely and doesn’t distract the eye from the weblog.
The design’s theme works perfectly with the weblog, the theme seems to be “No longer bottled up” much like the authors emotions.

There is also a page about the author, which doesn’t go into great detail but gives you enough information to grasp what she is like. There is also a link to another weblog, which I presume is by the same author.

Overall the site has a pretty average design which works as it is intended and has no errors.
However the writing is the main attraction.I would say this site is aimed at those who like to read others in-depth thoughts.
Rebeka’s Diary

Review 2034

Initially upon looking at the site I thought it was going to be poorly written.
Nothing really stood out that would make me think this could be an interesting website.

I was pleasantly surprised when reading through his weblog to see that it wasn’t your average blog, it gives a detailed account of a Western man who has moved to Indonesia and the culture which he encounters whilst he is there.

Based on what I have read I can see that the point of the weblog is to detail the “Indonesian Experience” as the title itself suggests.

Each post is well thought out and has a clear point, I found the entries interesting and some of them amusing too.

I was disappointed with the design, it is merely a blogger template, which to my disappointment does not do the weblog itself justice.

The colours are unsightly and distract the eye from the weblog.

Other than the weblog there is nothing here to interest or attract readers. In a way this is good because it allows the reader to remain focused on the weblog not extra site features, however I feel some added information about the author wouldn’t go a miss.

Overall the writing is excellent with some useful and informative views, other than that there is little to interest readers.

I personally would say this site is aimed at 20+ however it could also interest those younger that are interested in culture.
indonesian experience

Review 2036

My initial impression with was nothing short of Wow! Its splash page is slick and artistic. I’m not usually a fan of anime, but this splash page made me want to explore the site. The simple line graphic, with a slight “pulse” reminded me of the original “Street Fighter” game’s graphics, so I entered this site waxing nostalgic and in a happy mood. The next page was even more impressive in its design. It has a great colour scheme of blues, oranges and yellows – Paul obviously has a strong art background. The site follows the same theme all the way through, and gives readers a chance to look at his old designs, which include commentary of what he liked and didn’t like about said designs.

After drooling over Paul’s amazing visuals, I headed over to the blog, which has it’s own sub page. I really like the fact that the blog is on a sub page, because it makes the site appear more “rounded”, like there’s more to it than simply a blog. Paul has archives going back to 1999, and he lists all the entries for the current year so you don’t have to waste time clicking from month to month to surf the archives. The entry I read first was the current one and I had to admit I really enjoyed it because of the art history references and the discussion about selling out vs. doing art purely for yourself. I might be biased though, being an art student myself. Biased or not I though it was a sign of a good writer if he was able to link his life to past history events. It makes an entry that would other wise be a “whiney” entry about his life, more accessible to the rest of us.

To make sure I hadn’t just stumbled on his site on a particularly insightful day, I dove into the archives. And then the dog barked and I had to go outside with her for a short walk. Returning to my computer ten minutes later, I had experienced a “love at second glance” with

Paul’s blog is full of insightful entries that are a mix of daily tidbits of his life, intertwined with pop culture, wrapped up in a clear, concise delivery. He managed to alter my opinion of two things during my visit to his site. 1) Animie isn’t that bad as a layout base and 2) Personal blogs can be more than just places for us satisfy our voyeuristic tendencies.