Review 978

When I clicked to go and review this site, I didn’t think I’d find a nicely altered Blogger template. The color scheme is basically the same as the standard template, however there have been graphics added which I liked that give the site a slight mythical feeling.

“Maybe God Is Always Angry?” is a pretty good site. With some amusing writing on the side bar regarding the title and asking, “What if the Bible wasn’t kidding and there is a God,” the site isn’t really questioning the existence of God or even has a strong religious context. The blog is more about mundane things such as dying hair, spam email, etc which turns out to be interesting.

The writer helps make everyday things we may think or not think about pretty interesting. In a post regarding spam and children, he said, “Children should learn about sex through ambiguous references on “Three’s Company” re-reruns, not by watching free hardcore sluts in any sort of hump festival.” He can tie in humor and serious issues together which I liked. It makes you feel as though you’re just sitting next to him, watching birds hang around in the park and he’s just talk about whatever comes to his head.

I really liked this site since it gives you a bit of everything with links, some funny photos posted from the internet and a glimpse into the mind of the author. I kind of hoped there would be a bio section, however once you get to reading through the site, you get a sense of who he is.

A definite visit.Maybe God Is Always Angry

Review 846

I liked the nice clean layout on this blog. It was nice and clear and easy to find the main content. I also liked the photo so that you can see who is behind the writing! I have to admit that I am not a fan of black but it works with this layout.

The weblog is the story of her life, including ups and downs. I was disappointed that she has not made an entry since the end of January though as she was having a family trauma. The stories are interesting and she has a nice fluid writing style. She is also writing to get feedback to see if others agree with her thought patterns sometimes and for reassurance!

The design itself is basic, but a superb layout that makes it easy to see where you are going and what you are going to. The inside information was interesting and helps you to bond with the writer more. It also gives you an insight to how she writes and what makes her brain tick. I liked the personal touch of publishing the photo’s, although they did take some time to load up.

I have to say that the personal element on this site made it interesting for me. The combination of that and other blogs, and the technical sites make it worthy of a visit, as long as it gets updated soon! The blog is well thought out with alot of effort made to make your visit enjoyable.

This site is worth a visit and a wander round the links. It is clear and well designed, and the writing is clear and interesting. Overall, I enjoyed it for what is was, a personal site about one woman’s life.

Anicee’s Digital Existence

Review 771

There is something about this site that I was drawn too. I couldn’t figure out what it was about the site, even after going through all of the archives. Maybe it was all of the movie references or maybe it was just the way the author wrote. I don’t know.

What you will find at the loupe is a very well written site about the author’s life and movies and cd’s that are currently being seen or listened to. I especially liked the movie related posts as the author was able to put true feelings to them.

The design of the site is simple and clean. I don’t understand the 3-D rotating eye glass thing, but that is ok. The colors chosen work very well for the site and do not interfere with the weblog itself.

I do wish that there was an about me section, just to let me know more about the author and why they chose to write about movies so much. What inspired this person to write about movies? Was it a movie in particular? Does the author plan to do something in the movies down the road?

Over all this is a good site to read if you like movies and how they affect one’s life.the loupe

Review 770

With a title of MythWorks I was expecting a weblog about stories that someone had written. I also thought that MythWorks was just a name because the author liked myths and it would be a daily log type of weblog.

Instead, MythWorks is a weblog devoted to linking other material. But this material is more focused than any other news/links site that I have come across yet. It is hard to summarize what the author posts links to without quoting what they have on their page, so instead, I will just quote them.

“MythWorks is an attempt on my part to selectively catalog the social, political and religious struggles fought by modern neo-pagans, tribal societies and indigenous faith groups to better our world.”

There is more about the site than just that quote, but that is for you to go and see for yourself. This site didn’t appeal to me that much, but I am sure that there many people looking for just this type of news/link site.MythWorks

Review 769

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If that is true, then this guy has one of the largest written weblogs in the history of weblogs.

This is one of the most original ideas for a weblog I have seen in a long time. It is all of pictures this guy has taken. Of course, could I really classify this as a weblog since there are no words? That is up for you to decide.

What you will find inside is all pictures that were taken on different days. This isn’t like your once a week or once a month type photo publishing; it happens multiple times a week. The pictures themselves are absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Like most weblogs, there are some pictures that you may or may not like, and some that will make you laugh, and some that will make you think. The author of this site was able to capture the idea of a weblog through photography.

I hope you really like this site, as I know that I enjoyed it a