Review 2103

“Incessant Rambling” is the perfect title for this site. The thoughts are non-stop and they just go on and on and on … and on.

I first began reading this site and was a bit confusing as to who was the primary writer. There are pictures of a couple, but under one of the pictures the description of the site claims it’s a site ran by 3 different female writers. Because of this, I’m assuming the site might be adding more writers.

This site does not feel quite like a group blog because the writers do not feed off each other’s posts as some group blogs do. As I began reading, it seems as though what’s mostly posted is what’s going on in their lives at that very moment. The sentences are short and the thoughts are simple. The topics range from their current relationships, to work to their whereabouts that day. Once I had read though several posts, I felt there was a bit too much rambling – no pun intended – going on. It’s as though I had to stop to breath and get some air before I finished reading each post.

The layout itself is okay; nothing too exciting. But I think the extra links and graphics might change in the next few weeks with the addition of writers.

I found this site entertaining to a point, however I can only read so much detail about a person’s everyday life without running out of air.
Incessant Ramblings

Review 1603

Nelsonia is, according to the author, “a step into the mind of an insane lunatic”, which certainly had me preparing myself for absolutely anything as I began to explore this weblog.

Through a year and a half worth of entries,
reading through this site allows readers to work their way through the author’s life. In a self-described depression at the beginning of entries back in March of 2001, entries involve love and the heartache it so often involves.

Short poems, narratives, brief essays, and the
occassional personal journal entry are posted on a regular basis. Now you can find a semi-regularly updated section called “Insomnia: Musings From the Dark” along the side of the site that gives you a more personal update on what’s going on with the author.

The bio section that the author was “pressured” into creating is definitely worth checking out to give you a clear understanding on where he’s coming from, what he’s like, and what he’s going through. All of these things also come out eventually in different weblog entries.

The design of the site isn’t anything flashy. It’s done in colors I found to be serene and the layout focuses on what the purpose of the site is – the writing.

This weblog is “real”. The writing is genuine,
it’s from the author’s heart and head, but it’s not so personal that other people can’t connect through those writings.

It’s hard to critique a weblog like Nelsonia and I almost feel like my words aren’t exactly fair. While the words touched me in specific ways and pulled at specific emotional strings, I can’t make a promise to the next reader that it will effect them in the same manner. However, I strongly suggest checking this site out to see if you can connect in the same method I was able to.


Review 1479

First thing I thought was, “beginner web designer” when the site loaded up with it’s black, bubble background, contrasting blue, fuzzy graphic in the corners and big font. It almost appears as though it was created with Tripod or a similar application which you can use to begin a website if you don’t have any web designing skills.

Navigation wasn’t great on this site. I assumed “text” would take me to the blog which did and didn’t. Clicking it brought up a window with neon circles, which I had to view to scroll up and to the right that gave me a link to enter the “text” area of the site. I then was brought to a blank page with just words, or titles better, which didn’t give me much help. I decided to click on the title that said “journal” and up popped a “psychedelic” patterned window with a blog of sorts.

I began reading it and it sounded like the author was moving, or renovating a place, so mostly there were descriptions of that. Other posts discussed work, school, music and going ons in their life. Some of the posts contain links to other findings on the internet which are usually given at the end of the post. The journal or blog, which ever you’d like to call it, was amusing enough to a point, but I think it’s interesting when people blog about moving.

I’m not really sure what the point of this site really is to be honest. Other findings on the site, er, well, there’s an article on September 11, and plugs for other sites, but really, this site’s unorganized and there are too many parts incomplete. It needs a revision.
.: :.

Review 1328

Um, okay.

Live Journal sites usually scare me. Why? It’s because anybody and everybody can sign up for some space at to enter their daily thoughts. The author of this weblog has done just that, but his writing is so much more entertaining and worth reading than the average LiveJournal site or any type of site, for that matter.

What’s with the background on this site? Perhaps there’s no answer to that question, and perhaps it doesn’t matter. But, man, is it distracting! The rest of the color scheme is quite bright, but still manages to go well together. The titles of each post, however, are displayed in orange text on top of a yellow background. It makes these titles difficult to read, which is too bad, because sometimes the titles are just as entertaining as the post itself.

I never realized the power of staplers until I read this weblog, but now I can’t begin to argue with the importance of that particular office supply. I also found out from this site that I only own 8 of the CDs listed as “The Top 100 CDs You Should Get Rid Of If You Own” – not too bad at all, if I do say so myself! There’s such a variety of entertaining and humorous posts throughout this weblog that you’ll certainly find something to laugh at somewhere.

If you can move past the background image used for this site, you’re sure to find yourself either chuckling aloud about something you’ve read or nodding your head in agreement to one of the author’s profound, yet amazing everyday realizations. You’ll like this author, and you’ll like the site, too.George

Review 1428

Eccentricity is a trait that all of the most interesting people have. Unfortunately, not all eccentric people are interesting. This Weblog author, however, is not one of those people.

From the title of the Weblog (“:: not so [xxcentrik] after all ::”) to the Subtitle (awesomely stupendous in wondernation and fantasticality) I knew this was the Weblog of someone I would love talking to if I randomly met them one day. The author is a fairly regular poster who creates interesting posts about random subjects. Sounds like your typical Weblog, yes? Well, yes and no.

You see, many Weblogs have random posts. Few pull off random posts that are more interesting than mundane. This Weblog certainly does not fall into the category of mundane. While the author covers such topics of why he is pissed at his school (and college student can relate) to other typical Weblog posts, they are well written and worthwhile reading. The posts usually go beyond the journalistic “Wow, I have an online diary” type, which is definitely good for the reader. Oh, and he references “Waking Life,” one of the best odd movies to come out in more than a while.

Still, the thing about the site that I enjoyed the most was the design. The template is fabulous! It changes colors each time you load (and I swear it randomly changed while I was reading, once). The template also lets you mess around with the fonts. In my mind, this fits the idea of eccentricity rather well.

With the combination of interesting writing and a fun design, this Weblog is definitely worth a look. You might not keep returning, but I doubt you’ll think it was a total waste of time. If nothing else, you should have some fun with it. And that’s what it’s all about.

.: not so [xxcentrik] after all :.