Review 2125

“Bad Girl” is an anonymous blog hosted on, a location that I have personally found rather unreliable in the recent past. The color combination of the page is little to write home about (maroon and shades of yellow/orange) and it’s tiring to the eye. There is no information about the owner, no links but one, no FAQs, no “about me” section, nothing, except a guest book and a button for “say something.” This is one “Bad Girl” talking about her “daily miseries and sex experiences.” And what a miserable blog it is.

Posts are few and far between (the latest on 09/12, the one immediately prior on 08/16, and so on and so forth). BG doesn’t bother all that much… but when she does write, she’ll be most likely writing about sex.

I know enough people who would call BG’s sex musings “pure trash.” I am not very far from using just about the same expression.

But let’s not forget that the Internet, according to statistics, is nearly 70 percent sex, with the remaining 30 percent left for all other endeavors combined. I wouldn’t be surprised then if I’d learn that “Bad Girl” has a loyal and thirsty audience. Posts talking about genitalia in general or lesbian intercourse in the shower can be a sure magnet for a certain classification of Web surfers.

The writing? Ah, the writing…. Who cares about the writing when there’s “substance” of “the other” kind.

If all this sounds unforgiving, it is. There is nothing that I found attractive about this blog, but I would highly recommended it to WWW voyeurs and any of the associated tribes frequenting BloggerLand, I’m sure….

BG gets a rating of 1 with no qualms about it. Simply don’t bother — but if you’re curious (or belong to the above mentioned ‘communities’) go see for yourself.

Bad Girl

Review 2104

Ahh, to be fifteen again. With a glorious naïveté and being able to blog away without any sense. Oh to be thirty and have to review it. Sadly for Ziti it has been a loooong time since I could relate to a 15 year old.

This site is the writings of Ziti and they are all over the map. A lot of complaining about her server, school and boys. Little else. Maybe if you know Ziti this is of interest, if you don’t, try

She says she likes to draw. Are the graphics on the website done by you? Few questions are really answered, as the site is just the blog. Perhaps it is me, but I don’t like sites with just the blog. No contact info, little design, no about me, nothing else, just blog. She has it slated in “2) Start my about web page.” but hasn’t done it yet. With all the emphasis on the blog –it better be good-. But with entries like “The person sitting next to me now is Rima. She eats babies. And likes it. Isabelle is also sitting next to me. She rapes babies, and she really likes it. Lots. The end.” it is hard to take this site seriously. So I won’t.

The only thing that saved her from a sub 2 grade is the fact that she likes Black Sabbath. Yes, Ozzy to rescue again.

Review 2100

Bearing in mind that Scaryduck won The Guardian’s ‘Best British Blog 2002’ award, I naturally had high expectations. The verdict: As far as humor sites go, Scaryduck is one of the best. It’s sole aim is to make you smile, grin, chuckle, and laugh out loud. It’s a focused site dedicated to making you, the reader, laugh.

Anything that’s funny is thrown in with no chronological arrangements, so we read about what happened on the bus last week before moving on to an entry about the blogger’s childhood pranks. There are links abundant embedded among entries, most of them pointless but amusing. Somehow, there’s always something hilarious happening around Scaryduck, and the writing style just amplifies the wacky-ness a hundred fold. If Scaryduck were a live comedian, he would be straight-faced, sarcastic and dressed in a suit, grinning a slightly fake grin after every joke while everyone else topples over with laughter.

The all-yellow layout matches the theme, with ducks and penguins scattered around. Since there is a navigation bar with archived blogs all listed, it is easy to get around. The ‘Moderately Evil Penguin (MEP) kidnaps Scary Duck’ touch is a nice one, with cute pictures of a bewildered-looking duck staring at the barrel of a gun and occasional entries by the MEP who ‘apparently’ has hacked into the blog.

Obvious effort has been put into this site, which accounts for the fleeting feeling that Scaryduck tries a wee bit too hard to make you laugh. Which is not a bad thing. Top notch stuff, this.


Review 1183

Tahnee writes so well. Whether it’s about her alarm clock not going off at the time it was supposed to, being the victim of a friend’s mom’s matchmaking skills, or even reading about the time she was nine years old and nearly drowned in a water park – the way Tahnee writes had me picturing myself being right there, closing my eyes after reading her entries and being able to clearly visualize everything that she’d written about. That makes for a great weblog to read.

Unfortunately for the time being, posts aren’t being made as often, but that’s because Tahnee has recently moved and her access to the internet is limited. I’m sure her readers and loyal visitors will be happy when her posts can come as often again.

I loved the opening image of this website. And I also liked the fair warning of the site looking “trashy” in anything but a 1028×768 screen resolution. And her warning is true – the site looks fabulous on that particular screen resolution, but anything else may not find the site with such an appealing appearance.

I can’t think of a word to describe the design of the site. It’s a lot of white, which normally doesn’t sit well with me. Tahnee’s design, however, takes the white, mixes it with some blues and grays, and it just looks overall very clean and clear.

The only thing I didn’t like about the design of this site was the scrollbar on the left hand side. I couldn’t ever see how far down the page I was, which made it a little frustrating when trying to read through the archived entries.

Overall, this is another great site to add to your bookmark list. Tahnee’s writing alone will persuade you of that.

Review 1076

After no response from the author regarding the archives missing from this site, I decided to go ahead and review it.

I type this URL into my address field, and all that loads on the page is some text at the top of my screen saying “for god’s sake give it a rest”. And that’s exactly how I felt for the next minute while acknowledging probably 20 javascript error messages.

The time it took me to read all the weblog entries I could find was nearly equivalent to the time I spent fighting my way through the javascript errors. There was nothing remarkable to read. Of course, more often than not, each individual post wasn’t even 10 words long.

I won’t be back, and don’t see any reason why I should send anyone else in this direction.