Review 836

When I read the first entry (1/31) of this weblog I thought it would be yet another teen-age girl filled with typical teen-angst. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it’s so much more than that.

While I was surprised to find out this weblog is not typical, I also found myself wanting to reach out to this girl and tell her she’s got a lot more going for her than she thinks she does. Her writing style drew me in and made me want to read more to find out why she feels the way she does about her life. She talks freely about her social anxiety disorder. There is one poignant post in her archives about trying to talk to a friend about her disorder and the friend blowing her off.

With that said, you may think this weblog is very depressing. It’s far from that. She has a very engaging writing style and a great sense of humor. For example “… after watching two hours of Live From the Red Carpet on E!, I have decided that Joan Rivers should be shot. She makes me want to hit myself over the head with something very heavy.” Most of her posts are fairly short, but give the reader insight into her life.

She includes links to her web page, which has an interesting “about me” page, as well as some other facts about her.

The weblog’s layout is plain and simple, but it fits well with her style. It’s also very easy to navigate.

I would recommend this weblog to anyone who wants to read a well-written blog that’s very personal.imitation of life

Review 845

I liked this site a lot. It’s very simple and nicely laid out with colorful little buttons to different areas on the site like a gallery, poetry and a bio section. Plus there are also quotes by Ernest Hemingway and others throughout the site which are nice to read.

Stefan jaeger is a 20-year-old who knows how to write beautifully. When I began reading his posts, they were short, but they carried a lot of meaning behind them. His writing is more poetic and reflective than your average weblog which makes for a nice change. The posts are mainly about his reflections of being away from home and then visiting his hometown in Austria for a short period of time and in a way, how his frequent trips are putting certain parts of his live more into perspective.

My only complaint is that I wish he updated his site more frequently. Over all I really like this site and if you like poetic writing, I’m sure you’ll like it.daily thoughts

Review 763

Upon first visiting this site, my review was immediately biased as the writer currently resides in God’s country, and nothing bad, with the exception of football teams, has ever come from this great state. While the log is barely over a year old, there is more content here than in most logs twice its age.

The author is a lady who has come to the US, and while currently waiting for processing from the INS, spends her time at home, and has plenty of time for writing. She details her daily life of sitting at home while waiting in vain for our government to allow her to go to work. Each day is replete with comments from her daily life, as well as links to other sites, mostly other log entries which have sparked her interest. I found it quite entertaining to read the first few days of posts and to read of her struggles with her blogging tool.

I’m not a reviewer who grades too tough on design. Unless a site is overtly offensive, I try to grade more on writing and effort which to me is the essence of the site. I believe that in most instances, a blogger template is sufficient, and in this case, it is. The design in clean and the navigation is simple. There is a small bio at the top, plenty of archives, and lots of links to other good reading.

Overall, I’ve got to give her credit, if for nothing else, the fact that she’s a newly formed Iowa girl. There are few logs that I have seen that have this much effort put into the writing. If you’re looking for a site that truly details every segment of the authors life, this is definitely the one.In the Blink of…

Review 764

I would have to call this one of the most enjoyable sites that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far. My first impression of this site was that it was a light hearted nonserious type site, and the writing fits the design perfectly.

This page is written by a young lady who lives the life that a lot of people, including me, only dream about. Her “About Me” section is perhaps the most complete I’ve ever seen including tons of info on her, picture of her and her friends, and even info on the place where she lives. She was born in the US, but has lived in England and is now residing in Singapore, and has traveled all over on top of that. Her entries, like the site itself, are light hearted and extremely interesting. They range from her daily life and her trips to the dentist, to problems with her laptop, to discussing the censorship of movies and music in Singapore.

Although the author admits freely in her bio that she knows nothing of HTML, the site design is crisp, clean and very easy to navigate.

This site will definitely find it’s way into my favorites folder, and will make it on to the “daily read” list. I highly recommend that you take a stop by and see what she has to say.Krisalis