Review 2123

The first thing I thought when I saw this site was “wow”. It looked like was going to be a good site from the outset. The colours, or rather the lack of colours used in the design, helped make the images stand out and gave the site a very pleasant feel, now for the content.

After initially being impressed, I was hoping this would continue, and that I would find interesting and exciting content. I was not disappointed. Often I find the difference between a good and a great weblog is how natural the writing seems. The author shows a natural flare for writing interesting and creative entries. This impressed me.

The site doesn’t have a massive collection of gimmicks or a collection of extras that are rarely viewed. Instead the author has chosen to go for quality rather than quantity and there for, there are only two main sections on the site, words and images. The words section is the weblog and the images section is a collection of very professional pictures that fits nicely into the site.

The design itself is functional and uses a sensible archiving system. The navigation is straightforward and easy to use.

The content of this site is high quality and the design of the site is sensible. I was pleasantly surprised by the site as a whole, and because of the quality, the lack of extras is certainly not a bad thing as it just makes the site easier to use. This site is certainly worth visiting.
then you discover…

Review 2101

Dragondrop is the name of the author’s home in jolly old England and now his website. The site is laid out so everything is easy to use and access.

The blog is the typical ‘what-is-going-on-in-my-life’. The entries are pretty diverse. Some interesting, some personal, some strange. Most of the entries are from Matt with a few by Eirene (his wife). Spelling is occasionally an issue, the first words on the about page “No real rason dêtre” (raison d’être?) made a poor first impression. The blog isn’t this site’s strength, although I did enjoy the his British diction and it will be interesting to see his kids grow-up online.

What I thought was the most enjoyable thing about this site was the watchcam adventures. The author takes his Casio ‘WQV-1’ where ever he roams and creates photo journals. The photos are really cool but very small (most are 176 x 144) and you can’t enlarge them (which is a shame). Regardless, the pics are human nature at its best with some artsy ideas tossed in as well. Isn’t technology grand?? Clearly the author really enjoys the ‘cam and it shows. Keep the adventures coming!

In spite of a ho-hum blog – I really enjoyed the Webcam adventures, which pulled this site up from mediocrity. Cheers! + Watchcam Adventures

Review 2098

There are some blog templates that are just way too overused. One of them is the one that is currently residing at Media Yenta. Maybe it’s the standard Blogspot template, but if I run into one more blog with that template I shall hang myself from the rafters. The only saving grace for Media Yenta is the fact that the writer did insert a custom graphic to break up the homogenized madness of the template.

Media Yenta claims to contain “creative critiques, sarcasm, and misspellings about TV and the media”. I don’t know that I would necessarily disagree with that. I think the blog delivers what it promises. Some of the writer’s ideas are right on, and other entries just fall short of being funny and sometimes end up being trite. Despite the fact that I hate this template, I wanted to like this blog.

The writer of Media Yenta tells the reader to “enjoy the typos,” but I can honestly say that it drove me insane. Please use a spellcheck before you post. Please. The misspellings, bad grammar, and random capitalization are really irksome and detract from my enjoyment of the writing. I suggest making sure all the entries have the same template, and adding an “About Me” page. I’d be interested in finding out something about the writer of Media Yenta – sometimes it helps me to enjoy a blog more when I know something about the writer. The archive navigation is a little funky, sort of out of order. If the template were changed into something more appropriate of the subject matter and the typos were cleaned up, I might enjoy this blog a lot more.

I’m not such a huge fan of media info blogs, but Media Yenta isn’t bad. I might come back for a read sometime in the future.

Media Yenta

Review 2096

With a name like the saucyspot I was expecting something naughty, instead I found something nice. Saucyspot’s design is clean and simple and it has the WC3 stamp of approval. So in I went…

The author has been blogging for about a year and I wanted to delve into the older entries to see what was ticking in his mind. I found I had to login to access older reviews. Blah! He has a Login FAQ (likely because a lot of people have been turned off by having to login. He writes: “Why do I require visitors to login? To keep track of comments and give members access to certain things the general internet public can not.” Sigh. Fine. Which brought me to the next issue… Where do I sign up?!

In spite of this I poked around, the author has other logs in addition to the normal blog. There is his pixelog (which is a photo log) which I loved… A picture really is worth a thousand words. I found it strange that I could browse older pictures without having to login via the next and prev links at the bottom of the page. Gee, am I hung up on this? Also of interest (which I have not seen before) was a spamlog. Ahh, yes you get spam, I get spam, we all hate spam… Here is an idea of what to do with it before you delete it. Interesting. “World’s Smallest Remote Control Car – On Sale! – – header info>” Hehe.

Well I never did find out how to login. In spite of that I was able to read quite a few entries. The author shares interesting bits and pieces of his day to day life. I found the author to be entertaining and funny at times “The next step for this blog is to create custom error pages that appear when perverts come from google searching for “saucy pics” or “topless saucy college.” Apparently “saucy” has a slightly different connotation in the UK than it does to me”.

Saucyspot is a good general read for all. Nothing was offensive or groundbreaking, everything was honest and amusing. And in spite of the questionable login, I think many people would enjoy his blog. Good job overall. saucyspot

Review 2097

WARNING: Do not intake any liquids before viewing this site. Failure to comply with this warning will cause you to spit said liquids all over your desk.

This site is just that funny.

Bertha Mae, Festus Joe, Bubba J, Thelma Jo, Bosephus, and Scooter Ray are all members of the Trailer Trash Family, and they all take turns posting in this weblog. But it’s not all fun and games, folks.

Bertha Mae’s not shy about sharing her opinions on the daily news, supplying us not only with the links to various news articles but also her unique thoughts on the situation.

Festus Joe and his dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, Bertha Mae’s quest to find out how video tape manufacturers know how big her television set is when they format movies to fit her television screen, and several other stories from the trailer are entries you’ll find scattered about the site.

The Foto Album, Fixins from the Hotplate, the family bios – lots of extra goodies here that are definitely work checking out.

The layout is simple. It’s yellow and it’s not really pretty, but it works for the site. The images of the clan posted along the right hand side of the weblog are a great addition to the site.

It’s hard to describe this site. It’s hilarious, which is the point of having a site like this, and I’d definitely recommend spending some time getting to know the Trailer Trash Family. Who knows – you might just have something in common with them!

My Trailer is Bigger Than Your Trailer