Review 254

The first thing you will notice is the layout. The pink, black, orange, yellow, and red work wonders together. Multiple effects are added to the image to make it more interesting, along with text. The layout I would give a 4.5.

The content, however, is just like reading one long instant message. The posts are short and basically about nothing. It just seems like they are talking to eachother. Not much information about what’s going on is given to the reader. 1.0

There isn’t much different when it comes to this blog. No theme, just the fact that it’s a group log. Which makes it stay at 2.0.

Forever Never

Review 293

The site is very beautifully done! For the layout, the colors all match perfectly well and are interesting. Not your typical black and white as an example, but, blue, orange, and green. The content sections are above you while links, music, archives, etc. are to the left of the weblog. The sections are also welll organised.

The actual log is random, but well written and gives the reader plenty of information about what the writer is saying. If not, links are provided.

The log is different in a sense that it is a portfolio (which is currently down), a résumé, information, pictures, AND a weblog. This all totals up to around 4.5. A wonderful weblog.unapologetic

Review 55

This site’s okay. Simple layout — just a few words about the author, Joey, some links to other weblogs he likes and a comment form for readers to fill out. The site’s pretty straight forward. I think he’s in the process of adding more things to his site since most of his posts were focused on trying to figure out his site’s design. Some posts have some interesting links though like the one about the McDonald’s burger which contained something that’s not part of the meal. But I think over time and in the next month or so his site will definitely be one that has some cool stuff to read.Tashrin