Review 204

Splash page, splash page, go away… At least he was creative in using a quote from Fight Club. But why?!?

Clicked to enter and I found a really good weblog. The posts were full and rich with detail that you don’t find all too often. There is a lot of information into this person’s life, if you like.

I really like how he will take one random thing and turn it into a big mess. The first post that I read is the best example of this. He talks about a computer company and how bad their website is. Ok yeah it is a bad website, but it was funny.

He has an option for an alternative layout. Wow. What a change. I didn’t like the alternative layout near as much as the current one. The white background and round button links, I have just seen it all before. The black with gray works better for the site.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the site and be amused by what the author has to say about it.

rand0m inc

Review 195

I really enjoyed reading this site. There is something extra there, that I can’t put my finger on.

The overview of the site is nice and clean. It should be considering he won a design contest for blogger. He has some nice html tips/tricks, which are a definite for any webmaster to read.

His blog is about him and his programming. I get the feeling that he is programming because he doesn’t know what else to do. In one of his posts he writes about how people are burning out. I know from my programming that it can be long and tiring with reward in the not so close future.

Overall I recommend reading this site. It has originality that others do not have.

journal –

Review 232

Ah soularized, a site I have frequented many a time. This site seems to have it all, personality, charm, humor, and a style of quirkiness and talent that makes you want to keep reading. The bio of soularized dosn’t try to impress you or be funny, it just “keeps it real”, and the photographs are really good. You can almost get a sense of who she is just by looking them over.

I find the backround to be really cool, and the design equal in quality to the content. All in all soularized is an irreverent , wonderful, and charming site that hooks you on and never lets you go. A delight to read


Review 192

What do you think of with a domain of It’s not that. No its not that either. What it is, is the weblog of someone.

The design was completely original. Having a picture of the Pimp Master Hesh is really cool.

The weblog itself is in a very small column. I wish it were made bigger. However, the small size is good because the posts are rather small in site. Most would look like one line posts in a different design.

I didn’t like that I couldn’t find any archives. Maybe there weren’t any. But because of the “past layouts” I am led to believe there are other posts. The posts that there were, are very brief and not that informative.

I don’t really have any suggestions for the site other than widen the viewing area of the blog itself and making archives. Check it out just for the layout, as it deserves to be looked at.


Review 259

Holy smokes, Batman.

Tucked far away in an innocuous corner of cyberspace, on Blogspot to be precise, home to so many dull blogs, lies a gem. It’s name is “The Super Highway That Is My Life.”

OK, so the design is low-key and fairly uninspiring, it’s not dripping with great links, but – aah! – the writing is pure quality.

It’s got it all. Passionate, intelligent, articulate and heartfelt, I just wanted to read and read and read… and couldn’t help but empathise with everything he said.

Go. There. Now. Nuff said.The Super Highway That Is My Life