Review 482

Ah, Neoflux. Home to many of the finer places in the blog world. Namely the Snoop Doggy Blog and the E/N Webring.

This is vaguely a web ‘zine, with a staff of five editors. One of the more interesting parts of the site is a Playboy-esque section of commentary called ‘contradiction’ that has some dated articles on last year’s elections appropriately accompanied by girly pix. There’s also a random topics section called ‘random topics’ that also has commentry (but with no girly pix, sorry), rants on abortion, and a witty comparison between bin Laden and the Old Dirty Bastard.

My favorite section is one called ‘goohoo watcher’ that has links to strange search strings (like “pictoral study of the women’s nipple” in google) that refer to Neoflux. Entertain yourself for hours.

Neoflux’s design is clean, tasteful and color-coordinated. It makes good use of greymatter, and doesn’t succumb to the kind of boring redundancy that sadly characterizes most gm sites.

This isn’t a daily read, but I’m certainly going to make it my exclusive source for Snoop Doggy Dizog updates.NeoFlux

Review 462

When I first went to this site , I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I didn’t know if Id love it or hate it but after reading the description “We’ve got some

serious noun-bashing going on all over the place here. That’s right boys and girls, I

take on people, places, AND things!” , I couldn’t wait to read on.

Its interesting that something as simple as a humorous description can get someone

interested in a site.

Speaking of which , lets get down to business.

The layout is simple , grey , blue and white.

No need to worry about text being hard to read or being distracted by some flashing

icon then.

The blog itself is a good read.

The updates are spread all over the place , sometimes its one day and sometimes its

about fifteen. I personally prefer sites to be updated more often , especially if I really

enjoy the content.

And thats where this blog shoots itself in the foot so to speak.

The content is good , funny and interesting.

A saving grace is that the updates are mostly a few paragraphs.

Id definitely recommend you check this blog out at least once.

Tang Grrrl’s

Review 263

I never found a weblog to speak of on VB32. It was a sparsely-populated Ultimate Bulletin Board forum for vb32 developers. Not only that, it had two hugely-annoying pop-up banners that came with each click of the mouse, and the colors were hard on the eyes.

Uninterested, I surfed on…VB32

Review 223

WildStyle was a little disappointing for a blog with such a potentially exciting name. The bulk of the problems I encountered were with the navigation and the layout. The fixed background screwed up Netscape completely, and I was forced to open Explorer. A seemingly random drop-down list of links was unclear as to where it was going to lead me (on-site or off-site?), making me wary of choosing one. I also am always unenthused about my scrollbars being taken over by another color (aqua in this case), but that’s probably my pickiness speaking.

The weblog itself had a few interesting entries, but for the most part there was nothing that would make me want to return. Entries such as “wow! I knew my computer desk was a light brown (like hardwood kinda coloured) But I hadn’t seen my desk it weeks! It had been buried under piles of junk,” were not exactly captivating.

Many weblogs will at least give you an idea about what they are there for, or the authors will give you an idea or philosophy that holds the whole thing together. WildStyle was a little confusing in these areas, and I was unsure how to take it. Not really seeing any cohesive relations between posts, and not finding much content to pique my interests, I went on.


Review 207

Wow. Not too many sites can make you say that word. This one does. There is only one flaw with this site, and it is the archives. They loose the design aspect and are just straight text. That fixed, and it is a knock out site.

The design is simple and easy. I really enjoyed looking at the site. It all flowed naturally like a good website should.

The weblog itself: Each entry has an mp3 that you can download. No we aren’t talking about top 40 mp3’s, we are talking about indie rock music. The goal is to get other people in tune with the non man-made groups.

Each post in some way probably centers on music in some way shape or form. Well most are about music anyways. The rest is about the daily life and what not.

Any music enthusiast will love this site. So will almost everyone else.