Review 818

Pleasing site design, some very funny entries, and a man with a heart!

I really enjoyed this blog.

Be sure not to miss his maintainence schedule for his vehicle. He’s got it all down there, even the prices he’s paid for service and parts.

He also posts his training schedule as a separate section. Training for triathlon is big work and shin splints a bother.

The site design works well for this site. These old eyes find light on dark hard to read after computering all day, but overall not a big problem. At least his font is big enough that I didn’t have to squint to read all the way back to September.

“Gak, Gak”…there is nothing about this site that is off putting. He has a wonderful sense of humor, the “about me” section is full of information, and his links are all working and informative.

One of the better sites I’ve visited lately. I’ll be back!Captain Rooba’s Riposte’

Review 751

Upon first visiting this site, I really liked the design. There’s a white background with grayish text, and blue links and headings. The writing is on the left, and the links are on the right.

Unfortunately, there is very little writing here to review. With only 7 days worth of posts, it was tough to really form an opinion. There are a couple of days where it just has some links to news sites, and the other days the main author actually writes about his life and thoughts on things. The combination of his writings and his news clips would make for a quality site if there were just some more content. There are a few references to older material, which leads me to believe that there is lots of earlier content, but there is nowhere on the site that I could actually find any of it.

This does appear to be a group log, and to their credit, each person posts original things that aren’t inside jokes or discussions with the other people. The only commonality in their posts is their strange obsession with Sun Chips.


Downsides: There is no “about me” section for any of the writers. This is one thing that I deem to be important on any site, especially a group log. The archives only go back to December 2nd, and it appears, from some of the entries, that there should be a lot more.

Upsides: What writing does appear, is quite entertaining. Whether he’s discussing his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, or providing links to other Sun Chips fetishists, he makes it interesting. The design is simple, and it’s easy on the eyes. I would definitely be giving this site a higher rating if it’d had more content.

Upon recieving email from the author today, we are not sure if the site was just not working yesterday or what, but today i was able to find the rest of his archives. Upon reading deeper into the archives, I found that I wasn’t suprised at all. I found the witty, and funny stuff that I expected was out there, but I couldn’t find when I was doing my initial review.

Review 689

“Sunny Side Up” is the name of this weblog, and it’s a title that describes the content very accurately.

Sunny Side Up is a journal style weblog that postively oozes a kind of cheerful optimism. The design, for example – a simple and spacious layout, some simple CSS, nice photos, and warm welcoming golden hues. I like.

Then there’s the writing! It’s full of exclamation marks! Yay me! etc. It fails to be scintillating, and it doesn’t grab me yelling “COME BACK FOR MORE, SOON!” but it feels like she puts a lot of effort in. Linkage is sparse but generally worth checking out.

There’s not much else on the site, a guestbook, an about me page and that’s about it.

Sunny Side Up, then. Generic, perhaps, but if you are suffocating under all the post-pseudo-neo-ironic sarcasm in your life or have the winter blues, check it out. It put a smile on my face. (And you’ve got to hand it to her. She knows her Survivor.)sunny side up

Review 355

I could write all day about this site, but I will keep this short and sweet, so you may see for yourself.

Wow!! What a site. Great layout, and the whole design is wonderful. It struck me as being well thought out, and planned. I love the whole look of the site.

The writing is intelligent, colorful, and descriptive. Each post is well worth the read.

The only flaw is a small one. Each post is archived, but that is a forgivable mistake.

All in all No Chimps is a great site, and is well worth a look.

NO Chimps

Review 355

No Chimps is a sophisticated teen blog produced by Thomas Ullmann, a 17 year old student from Leeds, England. No Chimps boasts a sleek layout of grays and greens which views best in MSIE. The navigation is straightforward and links lead to various parts of Ullmann’s site, including his poetry and photography. Ullmann shows definite promise with creative writing, as is evident moreso by his poetry and short stories than by his weblog entries.

No Chimps is best described as a personal journal. The author updates at will, sometimes posting several entries a day, at other times posting only once a week. Each entry is isolated to its own page, which is clever; but, this technique would better suit the author’s short stories than his weblog. Ullmann’s weblog entries are not “stand alone” pieces and to better understand the topics which the author discusses, the reader must delve into the archives and hope that he or she hits upon another related post. This can be a frustrating endeavor for the casual reader and prospective readers should take the time to read Ullmann’s “This Site” page before reading the actual weblog.

The author’s grammar and spelling are exceptionally poor in his weblog entries, yet quite good throughout other parts of the site. It is probable that the author does not plan his weblog entries as he does his poetry and short stories, but that is not a sufficient excuse for failing to proofread weblog entries before posting them for public consumption. Given a bit more attention to the structural quality and presentation of weblog entries, No Chimps may prove to be a very worthwhile read.NO Chimps