Review 674

Clean, slick, and well-organized are terms which accurately describe; and, these words apply equally to layout and content — a rarity, indeed!

The author of is an Israeli university student with an eye for simplicity and a talent for writing. Topics at range from witty and often mature commentary on daily life events, television, and the author’s own poetry and prose. Each day features several entries, some of which are dependent upon each other for clarity. The writing at is tightly constructed and of high quality, with no errors in composition, grammar, or spelling. The author maintains a steady and inviting tone throughout his posts, luring the reader into a carefully constructed cyber-world. offers its readers several worthy diversions aside from the weblog, including a section featuring the author’s fictional works. The author’s personal page is also worth perusal.

Layout and overall design at is delightfully spare and serves to both establish and enhance the personality of the site. While the layout may appear simplistic, there is much to be appreciated in the site’s backend. To note, the site views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1. Readers who favor a professional looking weblog will be quite pleased with’s format. will appeal primarily to Internet savvy 20-somethings, but there is much here to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. is highly rated for the quality and range of its content, as well as its spartan and unique design.

Review 675

Sometimes, there just isn’t much to say about a weblog. Some blogs boast neither lofty content nor striking design, yet they are not so awful as to merit an abundance of negative commentary. There are simply dull. Counting Stars is one of these weblogs.

Counting Stars, the personal weblog of a 20 year old Californian, features short posts about the author’s on and off-line life with a focus on her blogging and Internet activities. The posts are not well-written and are riddled with grammatical errors, as well as errors in standard composition. Some posts are so poorly composed that they are difficult to read, let alone comprehend. To the author’s credit, she does feature a few fun and interesting external links, as well as a working comments system. Unfortunately, none of these additions redeem the substandard quality of her written entries.

The layout of Counting Stars is simple, with a site menu to the reader’s left and posts to the right. However, there is very little design flow and the title graphic is not at all complimentary to the rest of the weblog page. Also, the tone on tone use of fuchsia links on the purple background may make for difficulty in locating the links. A bit of work on graphics and overall design may make the layout of Counting Stars more palatable.

Counting Stars appears to be a fairly new weblog with accessible archives dating back to late October, 2001. It is wholly possible that Counting Stars will evolve into a more substantial weblog and, if changes are made in layout and content is considerably improved, it is recommended that the author submit the site for another review in a few months.

Counting Stars

Review 705

When I first looked at Matt’s Security Info Weblog I wasnt sure what to expect , up until now I always thought people used blogs for personal sites.

What you get here is a blog full of Security Information from the latest website security to government security programs such as the CIA’s cat spy program.

I didnt really think Id be very intrested in a site that deals with nothing but security but I actually found quite a lot of interesting posts , mainly the ones about governments and companies. Im not that interested in security programs for my computer or anything.

The blog is updated fairly regularly and there is usually more than two posts a day. The posts themselves range from pharagraphs of text to just links of a recent study or something similar.

The layout is pretty dull and the archives are done weekly so there is a lot of archive links , which looks a bit messy. However the layout doesnt take anything away from the site.

People looking for a personal weblog will be dissapointed as the author only talks about security but in my opinion its definetly worth a look as there is bound to be something to interest you.

Matt’s Security Info Weblog

Review 583

Easy to navigate, intelligent posts and an excelent layout. These are the characteristics a GOOD web log should have. GregLog fulfills it’s duty as a weblog on the net. His color combination, layout and the way his text is formatted has amazed me to an extent. The articles or “Blogs” he writes are intelligent, insightful and downright awesome.

I personally will be coming back to this site more often. It’s been quite a while sinse I have seen a quality blog site. There isn’t much more I can write about it, because it’s a very simple, clean, no-excessive-crap kind of site. I really suggest you go visit it.GregLog

Review 379

When you spend enough time analyzing websites and tearing them apart, the line between “good” and “bad” becomes rather subjective. Confessions Of An Invisible Girl made me remember what is good about a weblog.

Maggie writes in a very personal manner and conveys her thoughts and emotions amazingly well. Her posts have substance, which is something that is often lacking in most weblogs. And furthermore, I actually enjoyed reading it. When reading a weblog ceases to be a chore, the writer has to be doing something right.

The design has a characteristic Blogger feel, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t take away from her writing, which, like i’ve said before, is fine for a blog like hers.

I enjoyed reading Maggie’s blog, but I didn’t like the excessive pessimism and the depressing aftertaste it leaves. But hey, if I was five years younger, and by that token, still goth, I think i’d be in love. I suppose it takes a certain mentality to appreciate her writing.

Confessions Of An Invisible Girl is definitley a worthwhile read. Confessions of an Invisible Girl