Review 746

Although the author of this site freely admits that she doesn’t know a thing about HTML, this site is well put together and easy to work around. A dark blue background compliments the white text on the left and the light blue links on the right.

This girl’s writing is overall quite interesting. I didn’t find myself giggling a whole lot while reading, but I don’t think that’s her intent. What I do believe she intends to do is just simply to tell you about her life, and that she does very well. Unlike a lot of sites I’ve been to, she manages to tell you about her everyday life and her friends and do it in a way that keeps you interested in what she’s writing.

The “downsides” list for this site is a brief one. There was no Bio info that i could find. Her archives only go back to April, and I got the feeling that I started right in the middle. Lastly, she can at times over use the phrase “heh”.

The “upsides” list is much larger, but I’ll only list a few. The “Usual Suspects” link is great, and really a must click before reading the site as it outlines who all of the characters are that she writes about. There are lots of great links on the side, and they range from other weblogs, to Finally, she updates this site a lot. Not only does she write almost everyday, but for the most part she writes a lot each day.

Overall, I think this site has some excellent writing, and some great potential. If her friend and her “boy” ever manage to teach her HTML, this could turn into one of the best weblogs out there.

Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic

Review 746

The first thing I noticed about this blog is that it’s on a Blogger template. After that, I didn’t expect much in the way of graphic/layout creativity. That’s what I got — not much.

The author’s writing, however, is quite entertaining. Her posts contain mainly her observations on work, family, boyfriend. She has a unique style that made me want to keep reading.

On the downside, I wanted to learn more about the author but there was no “about me” page. The only way to get information about her is to read her posts … and read and read and read.

In short, although there’s nothing really special about it, this weblog is worth at least one visit.Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic

Review 672

A Blogger template again, a lot of links and a lot of small posts about the Attack on America.

I didn’t like this blog. I found the posts to be depressing and news like. The writer ads a lot of links throughout her posts and refers to the newspaper a fair lot. Her profile section was started in August and yet she still hasn’t added anything to it. I wonder why it is called LCH as there is no mention of this on at the weblog and it isn’t really a very exciting heading.

As I said before, it is a basic template from Blogger with a few links to other weblogs and a variety of other sites. It includes a poll on the attacks. I guess in someway I feel I have heard enough about the attacks. I don’t believe every post has to focus around them. It just makes life more depressing and loses the interest of your readers. The best post in LCH is the latest post where the writer Val, talks about her fear of being invisible. Here we actually get to see her emotions unlike some of the news type posts.

I think this weblog needs a lot of work, mostly on the writing. Also, it would be good if the profile was up and running for starters.


Review 667

The writer of 8 Legged DJ is a very honest, down-to-earth, funny guy who has written a fantastic weblog.

When I first got to the site I thought it would be about some dorky, un-intelligent guy going on about being a DJ. But I was totally wrong.

Aaron comes from California and is married to Robert. I found it really interesting to read about a gay couple, as I know here in Australia where we live there aren’t many gay, married couples. Aaron is 28 years old and has included a Bio at his weblog. Basically he lets everything go when he writes in his weblog. His personality comes out really well and that way he explains things helps you to understand what it would be like to be there. He also tells us funny things about his friends and daily life. For example in this post he talks about Elton John writing songs for people at a dollar each-

“And it seems to me, 8 Legged DJ lives his life like a candle in the wind, always knowing who to turn to when the blogs come in and I would have liked to know him but I never did, his candle will burn much longer than this song ever did.”

Aaron’s dream job is to be a Music DJ and that is why he named his site 8 Legged DJ. Aaron is just one of those people who are capable of making anything into a funny story.

The design of this weblog is a basic Blogger template but when I went to the site I got the script error about 9 times before I was able to view the page, which was irritating!

I had decided to give this weblog a 4.5 out of 5 as I found 8 Legged DJ entertaining, fun and honest. I would like to see a better template, as I think sometimes the usual Blogger template puts off people. I will definitely be a regular at 8 Legged DJ from now on!

8 Legged DJ

Review 698

I liked this site a lot. When the site loaded up, I saw it said under the title, “I teach high school math. I’ve also been known to eat and sleep.” Hmm … a high school math teacher with a blog … math geek? Now from reading a few entries at first, I thought, “Yeah, this isn’t your stereotypical old guy who’s been teaching math for 50 years and he still hasn’t retired.” Nope, this seems like a cool math geek.

Matt’s layout is simple and green. He lists some other blogs, links to movies, tv and of course links to math. How could he not? I was a bit disappointed I was unable to find a bio of some sort so I could learn a little more about who the writer was. It was driving me nuts when I was sitting here trying to figure out his age … but oh well.

Now … on to the writing … Matt obviously teaches high school math meaning hormone crazy kids who discuss who’s going out with who and so on.

I was reading through his archives and found his a post about some geese that hang out around at the school he works at amusing:

“I stopped and stared at it. That’s all. No sudden moves, just a full stop. The goose appeared to become confused and/or agitated, shooting furtive glances around him. After only a few seconds of my steely gaze, it stood up and began to walk away.”

And only a REAL geek would admit this: I have arrived at the Math, Science, & Technology Conference at [Exeter Academy]. At the risk of revealing my geekiness (yeah, I haven’t done that in all my other posts), I’d say it looks like it’s going to be really cool.

To just put his writing more into perspective, I liked it because it feels like he’s talking to you through his posts like he knows you. Some writers just write like no one else is out there. But I liked reading about the little things that go on in his life and that just bug him or that he finds funny.

Not only will you get a glimpse of what goes through the mind of a high school math teacher, but also you just might learn something in math you never realized.

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