Review 459

This is a pretty good site. The site is well organized with an orange look to it, very orange actually.

WebReaper’s a bit underdeveloped because it’s fairly new and I hope that it’ll grow a bit more over the next few months or so, but it’s a pretty good site to find amusing links to sites ranging from health to movie/tv guides to bubble wrap clothing. Yes, bubble wrap clothing. Kevin, who runs the site, even has a site of the month. He has links on the side bar to top sites for different topics like news, sports and references which is helpful if you’re searching for more.

It’s a fairly good site which needs a little work, but has some great links to stuff you didn’t know existed. WebReaper

Review 188

When I first took a look at the enter page of Keegan, I thought it was going to be somewhat boring. If I was suspose to read the text on the left, I couldn’t. It was too small. But judging from the first page is nothing. Upon clicking enter — I was amazed at what I saw.

The author spent alot of time on this layout as you can see. It was very well planned out, and easy navigation so the dumbest user can actually know where to go.

The color scheme went well. It had a blend of blue, orange, and white. Just the right amount of colors that will make it stand out, but not hurt the eyes or make you say “Eww”.

I, myself, make images in Photoshop, and this author seems to, too. Besides having a ability to make webpages, he is also very creative at art design. He used a font that wasn’t hard to read, and he picked good colors for it.

I like the feature he added to the left navigation. If you hover your mouse over one of the sections for a couple of seconds, you’ll see it displays what the section is right near the guy on top of the navigation. This is a great addition to the website.

The author also picked a good font. It wasn’t too hard to read — and it is a font that many people have installed on their system, so he doesn’t have to worry about them not having it.

Now for the posts. The posts were very interesting – I enjoyed reading them. Every section you go to, too, is filled with much informaiton that will keep you busy. He hasn’t slacked off in any of the sections – he devoted his time to each of them and did a good job at that.

I do reccommend you visit this website. The HTML and artistic ability of this author stands out, as well as the interesting information found on this

Review 253

First off is the layout. You can read the text and the colors match pretty well.

Second, the log. It was interesting I read just about every post. There is good grammar making it easy to read.

This blog is also a photolog which is interesting…

On my 56k modem, this site probably took me about 3 minutes to load. Which, can get annoying.

Last, the information is on different pages. Which is fine seeing that most people put it on the same page… It’s fun to be different.Miss Fancy Pants

Review 39

KBanas… I don’t think there was even a small flaw in this site, let alone a big problem. This site was just great. I really don’t even know how to put into words how good of a read this site is. The author of the site has very amusing posts and very subtle humor involved. If you read his post about Tom Hanks being a whore, at the end he says “But my point. His screenname is NY152 in said film. He wasn’t online when I went to check. But watch out. — And another thing. — Shut up.” Yes he is talking about both movies in that quote. A definate great read which has a little bit of something for