Review 742

My first impression was “WOW!” I loved the colors, and the layout was just right. The picture of Hoopty Loops on the right had me cracking up, and really added SO much to the character of the site. I was smiling, and I hadn’t even read anything yet!

The ONLY thing I really missed on Hoopty’s site was an about page, but getting to know him was not a problem. This blog’s well written, engaging, funny, entertaining, and just plain fun. I honestly smiled my way through the entire blog, reading through all the entries.

This blog seemed to be more for the 18+ crowd, but I didn’t really see anything that would make my daughter (9 years old) shriek or cry.

Nice design, fun premise, fun writing, fun blogging… I was all caught up in the Hoopty Loop!!!

This blog is HIGHLY recommended!

Hoopty Loops

Review 677

It has a lengthy reference section, it looks something like a weblog in three parts, it features daily commentary from its author, and it has links — lots of them liberally sprinkled throughout posts and in the sidebar. Daunting, yes. Fun? To be certain!

The Daily Vexation reads as one part catalog of timely news bites, two parts humor, and one part pure sarcasm; and, all parts read equally well. The author, known only as Vex, styles her entries to focus on either current events or personal ones. External links are well-chosen to enhance the author’s original content and her cynical, although entertaining, points of view. The author is decidedly opinionated, but in a manner which will elicit readers’ smiles and applause. The posts at The Daily Vexation are rarely, if ever, standoffish in tone; and, they are usually crafted to be concise and conducive to further reader exploration. One definitely feels welcomed at The Daily Vexation.

The author’s layout is, perhaps, the most daunting aspect of the weblog. Tables are arranged vertically and each contains an array of information ranging from reference links and links to other weblogs, to art and multimedia links, to — finally — the weblog itself. This layout may easily distract the reader from the weblog, but such a diversion can be pleasant given the links to choose from. The author’s Pardue-Duran genealogy pages are especially noteworthy given the labor of love it must have been to create such a detailed sub-site.

The Daily Vexation views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1 and the only discernible error in code can be found in the noticeable font shift at the bottom of the weblog column.

Readers looking for humorous and opinionated news summaries will find much to enjoy at The Daily Vexation; but, reader beware — the author is highly literate and many references within the blog entries are somewhat obscure. Nevertheless, those who enjoy stepping off of the beaten path will appreciate the offerings here.

the Daily Vexation

Review 670

Another BlogSpot blog with another commonplace template and absolutely no external links. Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Well, it isn’t – unless one likes to do little more than read weblogs. And, weblogs are for reading, aren’t they?

What Have I Done is very much a reader’s blog and it is a good read, indeed. The author, an female adult with a family, crafts highly amusing, well-written slice-of-life entries which are worth the time to peruse. The writing at What Have I Done is exceptionally solid with proper, though not stilted, grammar and composition. The author peppers entries with both subtle wit and obvious humor; and, each entry conveys a sense of familiarity with the author and her life.

What Have I Done’s layout is typically Blogger-ish, utilizing a standard Blogger template. There are no external links at What Have I Done, but the entries are archived and all archives are accessible. Readers of What Have I Done will, most likely, yearn for more knowledge about the author and her life; but the weblog will have to suffice as this author apparently does not have her own site.

What Have I Done will appeal mainly to domesticated 30-somethings looking for a like-minded point of view; but, the humor and content within this weblog is appealing to anyone who enjoys a solid personal weblog.What Have I Done?

Review 676

This site hard to rate because it’s a fairly new website and I didn’t have many posts (9 to be exact) to work with to get a proper feel about the author or what he’s trying to achieve on his site.

The Michael Brown Website is run by Michael Brown who’s an independent filmmaker. He blogged about some movies he liked and watched. I wasn’t quite in tune with what he was talking about since it was about movie and film making. There was mention and also an area on his site about a screenplay he wrote entitled, “Thing on the Doorstep” which was adapted from a short story.

Elsewhere on his site, there are links to articles, a shop, projects and interviews which all don’t have much information. The site’s pretty easy to get around and it’s a clean layout, but nothing fancy.

The one thing I did get from his site is he does enjoy watching movies and talking about them so I’m sure someone who’s into cinematography might like his site.

I’m sure this site will be great in the near future, however I can only rate this site from the current content it has which is not much. He might have wanted to submit the site a few months from now when he has more information to offer his reader.Quixotic Film-making

Review 663

Good god. Or should I say goddess? With a name of web-goddess I was expecting some cam-girl-I’ll-do-anything-on-my-cam-if-you-buy-me-stuff type pages. Thankfully I was wrong.

First thing I noticed was that there are multiple posts for each day. That is a very good thing. It would also be hypocritical of her as in a recent post she wrote about how she likes sites that update frequently.

All of the posts are about her “real” life and her internet gossip, though the focus is on the later of the two. Currently she is residing in England and going to move to Australia. She is from the states and she makes a lot of comparisons between British life and US life.

The design of her site works real well for her. If you don’t like the color scheme of it, you can change it too, which is always a nice feature.

Her photo section of different events in her life is also a nice addition to the site. The site has a feel to that of a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time, but it doesn’t matter.

This site should be book marked by anyone interested in reading up on a daily life of someone.