Review 654

My first impression about the site was wow; this is a really good-looking site. Very clean looking, and I love the colors around it. I didn’t know what to expect so I checked the about section to read up on Ria. Got the background info and started the weblog.

The weblog is that of a typical college student. What should I do about classes? It covers all the typical college stuff. One thing the weblog desperately needs however is to be sent through a spell checker. Countless words being the wrong word. Or words being combined together to form not so nice words like tha tits… But it isn’t that big of a deal.

As I said, the design of the site is gorgeous. I love the soft colors and the design itself. It is very clean and easy to navigate.

Overall the site is pretty good. Some minor errors, like spelling, that should be addressed, but other than that, a good site.

Dream On

Review 653 had a design that I have yet to see. The first thing I noticed about the site was the logo. It was keys from a keyboard, which is very original now (about 7 years ago that was all the rage).

Weblog, weblog, weblog… Normal stuff that you expect to read on a weblog. How people affect his life, what is going on in his life, and problems that he is solving. But there is more to it than your average run of the mill weblog. For most people you cannot tell the type of emotion that is behind what they type unless they flat out tell you. But for some reason, I understood where he was coming from with every post. The reading is very easy, and you quickly get lost in the archives.

Design of the site is pretty cool. I already mentioned the logo, and the navigation bar has a cool effect on it. I however, didn’t like the background on the blog area so much because it distracts from the words sometimes.

Overall the site is a good read and most should enjoy it.


Review 664

“Oops, we can’t find your page” does not bode well for this site. A beautiful photo of a beautiful girl opens the blog page, but there is nowhere to go from there.

The purpose of this weblog is to give a 17 year old girl in the thoes of angst a place to vent. Most of the entries are whiney, why me?, or threatening suicide, and Spell Check would be a good addition to her web tools. She also is anxious to build a fan base for her weblog, but doesn’t have content that would make one interested, sympathetic, or involved. She had a good rant on the Webcam Girls and how nasty they can be, and a gripe that her stepdad had the audacity to have the digital camera stolen from his office back in June.

The design is pretty, clean and spare. Or, what there is of it. The links to pages within her site are missing, but could be attributed to a site address change.

If you are into Teen Angst, come on by. As for me…I’ll pass on this one.

kind embrace.

Review 652

Digital Kara comes across as some-what ordinary weblog but if you look closer you may find some hidden treasures.

When I started to read Digital Kara’s weblog I felt like I couldn’t really dive into her world and see what makes her tick. Some of her longer entries, particularly the entries on the September 11th attacks seemed more deeper than the others, letting us have insight on what Kara really thought about the world. But in some parts of Kara’s posts all of a sudden her attitude and language would change and she would begin to curse about certain things. I think this type of language makes Kara out to be less intelligent than she is. For example in the middle of a post she ads- ‘if you are a teenager and you went trick or treating you are a major league loser.’ I believe that if Kara uses more intelligent language and opens up more her weblog could become more addictive. After all, she is a talented writer as shown in her poetry. Found Kara’s poetry was open and gave me a better insight into who she is.

The design was different but basic. None of the color’s clashed but I would like to see Kara use her web design skills to make an even better layout.

Overall, Digital Kara’s weblog isn’t the sort of weblog where you are hooked by the first sentence. To make the most of this weblog you have to dig deeper behind the cursing and un-intelligent language to find a talented girl who writes some great poetry.


Review 651

I wasn’t too sure what I was going to expect to read about when I got to Limited Inc. Was it going to be about the clothing retailer? No. It wasn’t.

I found when reading Limited Inc that it is about the daily life of Roger. Yeah, yeah, you are probably saying so its like every other weblog out there right? No it isn’t. Roger is hands down one of the best writers that I have encountered while doing reviews for the site. He is very good at writing, and basically flaunts it with out really trying to.

The design is just a standard blog template with nothing to fancy changed. He doesn’t have an about me section, so I cheated. Most people when they start off writing a weblog; they talk about themselves quite a bit in the first posts. So I went to the beginning of the weblog’s existence and found out all I wanted to know about him.

However, something strange happened. I got hooked on the writing. I couldn’t stop reading. It was very good stuff. I guess that is the problem with most weblogs though; you read them from today to yesterday. Someone should create some code so that you read from yesterday to today if you are just starting off reading. So go all the way to the start and read from there, as you will enjoy it more.

Overall the site is really good. It is clean, crisp and very well written. It is just missing that little something extra to give it the 5.0, but trust me, it is really close to it.

Limited Inc