Review 333

As the title suggests, this is a weblog that is actually funny for once. A very entertaining read, I was immediately struck by the first post on the page, about a scene in an episode of Magnum PI (a show i’ve never seen):

“There was a big musical montage for that scene, and I always thought the music they used kicked ass. So today I’m talking to this dude who lives in my building about it and he says, ‘Yeah, that’s ‘The Brazilian’ by Genesis.’ Then later on, he lent me the cd… and I’ll be damned if that ain’t the song. This might seem like small potatoes to you chickenfuckers, but this song has been haunting me for years. It’s like, I can finally rest in peace.”

The page looks something like a Blogger template, but with a few added visuals.

The design is not very eye-catching, but it can be pulled off because the content stands alone. He continues to talk about his experiences with bums, which could be exaggerated, but who cares, it’s still interesting to read. Definitley a divergence from all of the “my life sucks, feel sorry for me” weblogs around today. I’d definitley recommend this site.My So-called penis

Review 238

This is a blog entirely devoted to posts about dreams. And that encompasses all kinds of dreams, from daydreams to nightmares.

The unique focus of this blog is an interesting browse, although most dreams are only half-remembered, and difficult to express in words.

The design of the site is very much Anime/Final Fantasy inspired, although once again more line spacing would have helped, and some of the links clash with the background colour.

The site is reasonably interesting, and provides a diversion from the majority of more common blog material, though the sublime qualities of dreams (their bizarre nature, the inexpressible context) are not particularly well captured in the narrative.Untouchable Mind

Review 229

Though this claims to be a professional website, it certainly appears more like a mild attempt at a personal homepage, and definitely feels like one.

I have to admit that the instant the page loaded I began to dislike the writer. I guess it’s just a clash of personalities or something, but when I saw this page I didn’t know whether to laugh and write the review, or just press the Back button.

I personally dislike people with some silly “DJ” monicker. It has been my experience that anyone can call themselves a DJ, and that for added effect they usually append some ridiculous tag. DJ Shock Wave is no different.

The reason I mentioned at the start that this was a professional site is because the grand master of Shock (or Wave?) has decided to launch an ecommerce venture. I think it has something to do with fashion, I’m not sure, but as a model he has used himself, often scantily clad looking a bit silly and pretentious. It’s worth coming here just to see the pictures. Oh my…

Anyway, the design is awful, truly reminiscent of the bad old days when everyone thought they could make a webpage, and the content is just as bad. The DJ is very protective of his opinions, using the old “This is my personal page, and I can say what I want” line to defend what others have probably had to say about him.

Visit it for a laugh. If you’re a DJ, you might even like it. I won’t be buying the T-shirt though.TekRebel Designs

Review 201

There are a few bad points here that I picked up on straight away. The navigation doesn’t hold through the site, and is a little fiddly anyway, because you have to wait for a mouse-over event to see where each link goes. This can be annoying when you want to scan the front page for links elsewhere on the site.

The design is hardly revolutionary, and a little bland. It’s spruced up by some interesting photographs, but otherwise it is not very well co-ordinated.

Don’t let the lacklustre design and navigation fool you though; there is some very good and very interesting content here just waiting to be read.

The links to offsite locations are on the whole commendable (there were enough sites listed that I found enjoyable to distract me briefly from writing this review), and the other off-topic sections are worth a browse.

The main beauty of this site comes in the power of expression, and the posts here can at times be captivating.

So all in all, content very good, design maybe not so

Review 239

Though hardly a massive site, there are some good points to Richard Felix Jr’s blog. For a start, there are some reasonably interesting transition effects, for example where one page dissolves subtly into the next. However, how long before this wears thin is not something I’ll ever find out for myself.

The posts are okay, if a little unremarkable, and it is a little annoying to find that none of the offsite links mentioned are actually clickable.

On the whole, the site feels a little too much like it was stitched together in a rush. The blogs lack formatting or direction, and the navigation system quickly disappears as you enter the archive.

I think that if the author had more time to devote to the site, it would probably be a little better. If the posts concentrated more on college life and were ordered better, it might prove a more interesting read (the author’s experiences of college life easily being the most interesting), but as it stands, there isn’t any great reason to visit.had a life, got a modem…