Review 9

Well this site decided that they don’t like The Weblog Review because I try to find at least one good thing about each site. So lets find the good in her site first… I like that she doesn’t hold back with her thoughts on what she is posting. Also her “Guest Wannabies” as she calls them have a good way of wording things also. However, that is all that I liked of the site. I thought the layout of the site was very ugly, the fact that in the upper left hand corner it says “Hello, Its now (insert date)” is a very old javascript function that dates back to when javascript was first introduced. Next below that she has a “Choose your colour scheme” Again a fairly old dhtml/css trick that has been around the block more than a few times. The site without reading its content seems to me like it is trying hard to impress you with its “high tech” dhtml/css tricks and what have you. Unfortunately for them, it did not do that for me.Weblog Wannabe

Review 8

This site takes home the most laughs for line read. The site can be very offensive but at the same time it is all a part of the way the message is being delivered. I do not think that the people posting to this weblog are being offensive because they can be, but rather that is how they want their message to come across. It would loose meaning if it wasn’t presented in such a way. Other good things about the site include a Mario brothers flash movie which brought me back to the day. Also he has a link of the week and a picture of the week. All reasons to keep going back to the site in addition to the humorous posts.Virtual Bastard

Review 7

Interior Exterior is the first Australian weblog that I have viewed. Also it is the first, as far as I know, written by a 16 year old girl. But enough about her, back to the review of the site. Overall the site looks pretty good. She seems to like to switch between black and white text with small things (not in the middle of her blog) which I couldn’t figure out why. Also, her links don’t link back to her main page, but that is avoided by opening them in a new window. On the really good side of things though, when she wants to talk she can talk. I got drawn into one of her posts that was about a page long. Some of her posts read like short stories, which I found to be very well done.Interior Exterior

Review 6

I was a little leery at first when the page loaded. I am not too fond of a background of hearts. However, the background image did not take away from the content part of the page, rather it enhanced it. I am not really sure where she wants to take her weblog, however it can read as if you are peering into her life. She gives very good detail of what is going on, and that is very enticing. Even though I am not a big fan of the hearts, it does work well for her.To Know Me Is To Blog Me

Review 5

Yardsale’s Blog is a personal weblog of well, Yardsale’s. The site design uses very nice contrasting colors to define areas. While reading his weblog, I started to laugh very loud. Some of the things he says are really funny. I really enjoyed his view on his life. The only flaw I saw while reading his weblog was his link for his pictures. When clicked, it just takes you to a directory of all of his pictures. Now typically I wouldn’t mind something like this, however, thumbnails or a little description of each would be nice instead of just a big list. Other than that thought, his site is really good and I enjoyed reading it.Yardsale’s Blog