Review 3682

Today I want to share with you a lesson in how to construct a website that uses most of the tools that you find nowadays in very sophisticated blogs to not only share information but make it very easy in turn for visitors to the site to share what they find valuable with their friends.

I am talking about the PacMoore contract manufacturing, food contract packaging and processing company website which is one of the better examples than I’ve ever seen of branding and customer education that really serves to draw people into it.

Part of the secret here is the Drupal content management system, which rivals the WordPress CMS as one of the very best platforms on which one could construct a blog, or increasingly, commercial websites that need to maximize their return on investment when it comes to customer acquisition costs.

In 2011 one shouldn’t doubt anymore that what were formally blogging platforms can house professional business websites.

In this case, the contract food packaging, manufacturing and processing done by PacMoore is presented with a clean white background and a clear set of quality certifications that the company has achieved. This site uses Twitter and LinkedIn immigration as well as YouTube videos to communicate with its visitors in various formats and allow them to share by way of social media on whatever service they are most comfortable with.

I would suggest taking a look at if you are in need of the business-to-business services they offer or if you need ideas as to how to construct an aesthetically pleasing but functional website for your company.NULL

Review 3681

It is one thing to have a personal blog which you used to share your musings and your private thoughts, but I’m also very interested in the way that business websites are challenged to make online presences nowadays that engage readers in the same way.

The website (which stands for trust, science and innovation) offers performance measurement solutions and tools, and if these products don’t initially strike casual readers as inherently interesting subjects to read about, that is exactly why this website is so brilliantly done.

Between the clean design and the attractive visual elements on the page, the company has built for itself an engaging web presence that serves not only to draw the reader in but also inspire confidence in the company itself. Pay the site a visit and you’ll see what I mean.

TSI has dozens of products and measurement solutions, and support is also a large part of its business apparently, so when you find that just about every aspect of the company is featured using a hover effect over navigation tabs in the header you are looking at first-class functional design that informs even a casual visitor about almost everything they need to know about the company, but in a way that does not clutter up the overall design and branding of the site.

Certainly if you have a need for measurement tools and solutions, visiting TSI’s website would be a first stop that would most likely inspire you to take further action and contact the company.

Review 3680

The website and blog of the National Metal Fabricators company, located at, is an excellent example of a hybrid website.

Though it houses the commercial presence of a company in business since 1944, it incorporates some of the very best aspects of both a well-organized static website as well as a dynamic blog that enables the company to frequently update its customers and potential customers as to new developments in sheet metal fabrication services in Chicago, as well as the overall economy and how it impacts their particular business.

We here at The Weblog Review are always interested in featuring new trends in websites and I believe we have an indication of the way forward for sites that need to educate customers about product lines but don’t want to do it in such a way that they fall back on the boring HTML-only presentation methods of the 1990s.

If you look carefully at, you’ll notice that there are several so-called calls to action to make it easier for potential customers to request quotes from the company as to their fabrication services for sheet metal, but it is never done in such a way that it feels too overdone, which might risk alienating people who might otherwise be interested in metal fabrication.

If you are about to start a blog and website for your company, I would suggest taking a good look at, as a good lesson on website design, coexisting with functional commercial aspects that need to be prominently displayed without compromising the attractive branding of the site.NULL

Review 3679

One problem had by a business engaged in a technical field is that of simply conveying the intricacies of the service that it offers other businesses or consumers, while ensuring that its website does not alienate potential customers by getting so bogged down in technical details that the overall branding and marketing thrusts of the site are obscured. is the website of First American Plastic Molding Enterprise, a company that does custom plastic injection molding and in my opinion it does a superior job of clearly conveying the areas of expertise it has, in a way that is visually engaging and well-suited to turning website visitors into paying clients.

The website is built on Drupal, which is the content management system favored by many small businesses for its flexibility and the ease with which one can create an engaging Web presence with it, while allowing for easy incorporation of a blog area into websites as well.

First American has a great job with Drupal in this case by using first-rate images to very clearly explain what it can do for businesses that need complex plastic injection molding of parts and tooling. The blog area features press releases and news about the company that can only serve to increased its authority in the minds of site visitors and amplify its branding.

In recent years we’ve seen a huge move by businesses to adopt what used to be thought of as blogging tools and formats to get their message across.

Weblogs are no longer solely the domain of personal bloggers, and as anyone who is searching for a company that can help them with plastic injection molding can attest, is an outstanding example of this trend.NULL

Review 3678

Today’s featured website on The Weblog Review is an outstanding example of the way a local business can project a friendly, competent image that reinforces its brand as a fixture in a community, while at the same time educate visitors to its website on exactly what it does.

Today we take a look at Grove Dental is a dental group that service is the Chicago area, specifically they are a Wheaton, Lombard, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook Dentist that appears to do just about anything an individual or family would need in the way of general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

Naturally local businesses have to distinguish themselves from all the other options that potential customers have in their immediate area, and local dentistry especially is a particularly competitive industry. This website contains several elements that should be utilized nowadays to educate and build trust surrounding the services offered by a business and then make it very simple to convert visitors to the website to clients.

Specifically there is a blog area for this site that serves to notify customers of timely events such as holiday closures or upcoming special deals. There is also plenty of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook integration on which allows people to consume the content contained on it in ways that are comfortable to them and then very easily share their recommendations for this particular dental group on the social media platform of their choice.

I always enjoy reviewing commercial sites that successfully downplay their business side in favor of connecting with their customers, and does an excellent job of emphasizing that connection and inspiring confidence in their dental services in Chicago.NULL