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One problem had by a business engaged in a technical field is that of simply conveying the intricacies of the service that it offers other businesses or consumers, while ensuring that its website does not alienate potential customers by getting so bogged down in technical details that the overall branding and marketing thrusts of the site are obscured. is the website of First American Plastic Molding Enterprise, a company that does custom plastic injection molding and in my opinion it does a superior job of clearly conveying the areas of expertise it has, in a way that is visually engaging and well-suited to turning website visitors into paying clients.

The website is built on Drupal, which is the content management system favored by many small businesses for its flexibility and the ease with which one can create an engaging Web presence with it, while allowing for easy incorporation of a blog area into websites as well.

First American has a great job with Drupal in this case by using first-rate images to very clearly explain what it can do for businesses that need complex plastic injection molding of parts and tooling. The blog area features press releases and news about the company that can only serve to increased its authority in the minds of site visitors and amplify its branding.

In recent years we’ve seen a huge move by businesses to adopt what used to be thought of as blogging tools and formats to get their message across.

Weblogs are no longer solely the domain of personal bloggers, and as anyone who is searching for a company that can help them with plastic injection molding can attest, is an outstanding example of this trend.NULL

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