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It’s always an enjoyable experience when a weblog can be read from its beginning to its current state without any desire to stop. The Danz Family blog, however, is one that falls into that category.

As the site finishes loading, which is does quite quickly, readers are met with an image of the American flag. A precursory glance around the site brings up what has become a standard Blog Moxie weblog design. The sidebar gives links a navigation area where readers can peruse the rest of the Danz family website. My personal favorite portion of the sidebar is definitely the random adorable photos that rotate in and out of little Drew, who is a focal point throughout the entire weblog.

The navigation part of the site leads readers into several different aspects of what Don, the author of, enjoys and finds interesting. Different portions of the site are filled with video clips and pictures garnered from the internet, clips from speeches Don’s found worthwhile of sharing, and huge collection of links from all over the Internet. It’s a nice collection of add-ons to make this site more than “just a blog”.

Don covers a huge array or topics with the blog portion of He’ll throw out updates on the status of the domain – new updates or new stats he’s found interesting. Pictures – mainly candid shots of Don’s family or of the beautiful flowers in his garden – are a regular feature in the day to day posts of this weblog, and by doing that, it gives readers something light to look at and breaks up the constant text that can sometimes overwhelm a new reader to a site.

Like so many other weblogs this time of year, politics has been a heavy topic of blogging for Don as of late. He’s also very well informed enough to touch on several current events or issues that have been brought up in the media, not only giving readers his own opinion, but relaying specific topics they may be learning about for the first time by visiting his weblog.

There’s not a lot I would change about the Danz Family blog. New visitors just finding this weblog will be able to jump right in without feeling lost. Frequent visitors regularly leave comments on Don’s posts and seem to have found a home with this weblog.

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