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A self-proclaimed “non-blog,” Waveflux is actually an online journal, so it declares itself in its very first post. The author is not identified but lives in St. Louis, is married, works for a non-profit, and definitely does not like George W. Bush. And boy, he knows how to make you laugh. And think. And do all the things that the world of blogs—-er, online journals is supposed to be about.

There are no links for comments on Waveflux, for it does not “willingly collaborate.” It’s just this guy’s opinions, take them or leave them. Oh, and also photos of his cats. (People with cats always put pictures of their cats on their websites, don’t they?) The site’s design is a movable type platform, very clean and unassuming, just like the author himself. (Well, okay, I don’t know how clean he is. We should ask his wife on that.)

He has tons of links on what he’s talking about (red links! Argh. Not a fan of the red type, Wave), so you know he’s doing his homework and not just some shmo spouting off crap he heard on talk radio. His posts are all categorized neatly in one of the 3 columns, and one category is devoted to The Amazing Race. Ya gotta love that.

So, so many of his posts made me laugh. Including the title of one from April 2004 “Please, God, end it now” with a photo of William Hung (bad American Idol singer) underneath. The Tyra Banks post (08/06/04) was hysterical. The political posts are smart and insightful as were the posts on pop culture, sex and gender, and even who he is currently crushin’ on. I especially like the conversations he has with his wife. What an entertaining house that must be!

In short, I will spend the next several hours reading each and every one of his entries again. I will bookmark this site and read it every day. And it doesn’t hurt that he does look like Andre Braugher.

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