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Wherever You Are

Okay, so I've given a perfect rating of 5.0. But truly, "Wherever You Are" is a web log that demands nothing less.

This is the web log of Vaughan Simons, a web logger that has given me a new found hope for the web log community. He is an excellent writer and for that alone, he deserves a 5.

The design of 'Wherever You Are' is simple and very surfer-friendly. I adored the layout because it doesn't spoil the writing and allows the words to be the highlight of the web log, as they should be. There is no need for Vaughan to compensate for anything as he leaves nothing to be desired.

There is no word that could describe this web log better than the word "quality." And while quantity is no match for quality -- there's plenty of writing here, so you get the best of both worlds.

I am thankful to Vaughan Simons for sharing his gift of 'word-compilation' with us.

I'm captivated by this 5 and so this web log now resides in my favorites list. ;0)

This site was reviewed on 2002-02-28 by IntegralWiLL.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
IntegralWiLL felt that Wherever You Are deserved a rating of 5.

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