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Bryan (with a y) is truly an impressive teenager. I was honestly in awe at the excellence that is his website.

I wish I could give this website a 6, a 7, or even a 10. To say it's only a 5 is to say it is on the same level as other 5's, and that is simply untrue.

Some sites are quite flashy with little to no substance, but this site is truly everything in one. It's navigation is extraordinary while it's content matches. This site is truly a hard find and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for giving me this position because without them, I wouldn't have found

Bryan is a witty writer with lots to say. He is able to convey his thoughts well and kept me very interested.

Although this site seems to have a central 'regular' crowd, I got over it and was okay reading it as an outsider.

This web log is one of a kind, leaving nothing to be desired. I suggest everyone check it out as soon as possible.

This site was reviewed on 2002-02-10 by IntegralWiLL.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
IntegralWiLL felt that halogen deserved a rating of 5.

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