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The never-ending ever-lasting party in my pants

A laugh from beginning to end, and I mean that in a good way, although the "email me, bitch" was a bit of a turn off. I didn't email because I am a bitch.

Overall design of the site is boring. Your basic black background with white text and a little red and some baby ducks for fun.

The tone of the site is consistant through of his posts, beginning in July.
I thought some of them were very funny, and some were a bore, just like anyone's life at that age. I can picture Mr. Clean looking like a "really buff Santa", as he describes in a post in August. I hope he gets his '73 Nova.

One entry in particular had me in stitches,
"Mom: Tyler, vacuum up the dead flies on your window sill
Me: No, I'm keeping them there
Mom: Why?
Me: They're a warning to the other flies
Mom: It's disgusting
Me: But you don't see any new flies now do you?
Mom: Tyler, don't argue with me, vacuum up the flies
Me: But then more will come and I will have to vacuum them too. When will the killing end?
Mom: Vacuum your window or you can't drive in december.
Me: ... I'll vacuum the window... vacuum it good...
and I sure did.".

Sometimes sick, sometimes gross, often funny, Tyler's blog is not your run of the mill teen blog, but is filled with humor.
Either that, or he's a psycho.

This site was reviewed on 2001-11-09 by Stircrazy.
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Stircrazy felt that The never-ending ever-lasting party in my pants deserved a rating of 4.

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