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Alright! The author is unabashedly queer. The posts tend to be short, angsty, vulgar, very smart, and pointedly entertaining.

The website design is very slick and lean. While I abhor white text on black backgrounds, I endured it anyway. It was worth it. I am impressed.

I laughed, I winced, I bit my lower lip in discomfort.

Here is a snippit:
"on to my weekend
i shall not post until it is monday
and i have had my fill
of debauchery"

If I could make a wish for this site, it would be for longer, meatier posts. But isn't that what every boy wants?


This site was reviewed on 2001-10-28 by koax.
They felt this site belonged in the Adult category.
koax felt that DJphod deserved a rating of 5.

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