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Simmons and Fletcher Blog

We are seeing more and more businesses websites start to integrate blogging into their overall strategic Web presence. After all, it can only make sense to stay in touch with customers as the market for whatever product or service your company provides also changes over time.

The Simmons and Fletcher Blog is one of the best examples I've seen in a long time of a relatively small local business, in this case a law firm located in Houston, Texas, proactively using a blog platform to enhance its marketing.

If you own a small business that might not seem particularly well-suited to supplying regular updates for your customers as to your business, I suggest you take a look at the execution on the Simmons and Fletcher site. It just shows you how a little creativity can not only serve to inform readers but also undoubtedly lead them to bookmarking this informative website in the event they should ever need a trial lawyer or a personal injury lawyer in Houston.

As is usually the case with blogs that are installed on a sub-directory of a larger website, the Simmons and Fletcher blog is built on WordPress, which in 2012 is by far the most popular blogging platform. There is exceptional execution here with social media icons and functionality built throughout the site and every single post.

One element of web design that is exploding in popularity recently is to include a YouTube video on the sidebar to accommodate potential clients who would rather watch than read. This design includes that feature, as well as a contact form and even a link to an iPhone app associated with the law firm!

Whether you are a small business owner who is interested in looking for some ideas as to properly constructing your new business website to optimize it for conversions, or a person who lives in or around Houston, Texas and you would like to keep the name of an apparently well-known local law firm specializing in personal injury and trial law, the Simmons and Fletcher website is definitely a Internet destination to take a look at, and bookmark.

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