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If you are planning to create a website and blog for your business and need an example site to show to your web developer as to the standards to which you'd like him to adhere, you won't do much better than pointing him to the DRIFIRE website. is a business website for a company that provides flame resistant clothing for both military and commercial applications to distributors around the country, and they have done a superior job on their website explaining the difference lines of products they offer as well as the general need for fire resistant clothing.

In addition to a blog area--which we're starting to see more and more of on commercials sites that know they need a means to continually update their customers--there is also a large selection of videos available on the site showing everything from fire tests and media interviews to how the company can help supply other companies with appropriate clothing for the fire industry, the utility industries as well as the military.

Another thing the company does correctly on the site is to incorporate social media icons for Twitter, and Facebook as the best way to enlist satisfied customers to get the word out about your company, and in effect voluntarily doing your marketing for you.

Whether you are in the market for comfortable, commercial fire resistant clothing or you are simply looking for ideas as to how to best construct a business website is a terrific place to start your search.

This site was reviewed on 2011-12-22 by TomM.
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