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Mastering ASP.NET

Our blog author Sergey has put together a website filled with code that is supposed to help me master

The thing is, I don't know what is.

There are five or so entries in the blog, all of which are code for "Deploying a SQL Database to a Remote Host." The thing is, unless you already know what is and does, and you already have an idea and application for this process, you're not going to ever need this blog.

Sergey does not include entries on what is, what it does, what the practical applications are for this process. Unless you are already versed in what to do, this blog is unnecessary.

The layout and colors are nice. The blog navigation is difficult because the archives and the "About" are all the way at the bottom of the page instead of in a sidebar navigation pane. Sergey doesn't say too much about his expertise or himself in the "About" but there are three other empty blogs listed in his blogger profile. I am not sure if he intends to actively write about programming in the future, or just cut and paste code and screenshots up for the world.

It would be nice if the blog was expounded upon with ideas for what people can do with, before being told how they can master it.

This site was reviewed on 2007-06-28 by amusings.
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amusings felt that Mastering ASP.NET deserved a rating of 1.5.

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