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Daddy Daze

Being a dad to be I knew I had to review this site. The name of Daddy Daze is pretty much what I have been in since I found out I was going to be a father. Some days are good, some days are scary, and the worst part is that the baby isn't even here yet.

Daddy Daze is written by three dads. Each gives their perspective on what is going on in their child's life as well as their own. It is unique in the fact that there aren't very many daddy blogs out there, where as there are a ton of mommy blogs. Dads think of things differently, and this site proves it.

My favorite section has to be the pictures and the stories behind each picture. All three dads have uploaded some pictures and a great story behind it. Most of it is very funny and I tend to relax a bit knowing that is what I have to look forward to. Every now and then though that little voice inside my head freaks out based on what I read.

The design of the site is a simple 2 column layout with a customized header. Archives are done correctly with a monthly break down and each month lists the number of posts which is a bonus. There are also reviews of some products that they were asked to review which is a good thing.

I really cannot get into too many details about the blog without spoiling the good time you will have reading it. My guess is that this blog will be attractive to any parent, any soon to be parent, and anyone who likes kids. I have enjoyed reading it, and I know most of you will too.

This site was reviewed on 2007-05-30 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the Parenting category.
Brent felt that Daddy Daze deserved a rating of 4.25.

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