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Killer Typos

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Edgy. This weblog is edgy and genuine. The author is a troubled youth in a really bad situation.

Her parents beat her. It makes for good reading.

Reading her weblog made me extremely angry. It made me want to take a baseball bat and do some damage.

Aesthetically the layout is really lean and clean and arty. Low-fi. Messy. Raw. I like it. There could be more room between the lines of text - it seems like that was an artistic decision though. So whatever. I can deal.

The gray background too closely matched the default scrollbar gray. I'm really tired of that gray.

The language isin't very articulate, but the uninhibited nature of her entries more than make up for it. She thinks, and she is very honest about her thoughts.

This one is a keeper.


This site was reviewed on 2001-10-03 by koax.
They felt this site belonged in the Teen category.
koax felt that Killer Typos deserved a rating of 5.

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