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Soar like the eagl,e laugh like the monk

I'm guessing this blog is written by a malaysian schoolgirl. Not because it says so in her profile, I'm just getting good at this. "Soar like the Eagle, but laugh like the monk." is a highly random blog run by a girl called Jen who exchanges in-jokes with her friends blogs and links (or pastes) interesting tidbits onto her site.

Now, its not that I don't enjoy her writing style, and she assures us she does not speak like she writes, but there are certain things that detract from the readability. For example, "!!!!!!" and "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" are great ways to, um , exclaim but there are many useful words that work just as well. An adjective in the hand is worth two bangs in the bush. I just made that up, can you tell? CAPITALS ARE ALSO NO REPLACEMENT FOR EMPHATIC USE OF LANGUAGE.

Its not all bad of course, she links to some genuinely funny stuff and her blog is well received in a larger Malaysian community of blogs. The design is cluttered, but generally nice with lovely tones of brown and a great stock photo decorating the top.

The header phrase for "Soar like the Eagle, but laugh like the monk." says "Cheesy, desperately trying to be funny and unentertainingly blog. I'm off to a good start, ain't I?" I'm not even sure what that means, but assures me that unentertainingly is not a word. I could be wrong though, and so can, Jen's blog is well loved and who am I to say otherwise.

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