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The Letter D

It doesn't help a lot that I've had a beer before starting reviewing this blog. So be it. Let The Editor decide if it's worth publishing or not. I do my job, he does his and all I can hope for is that he likes my part on this deal. The Letter D. I don't know if it's me with my lack of knowledge on other cultures or this is really an enigmatic title for a blog.

The author calls himself The Letter D. D as in Dan, Dave, Damnit? I can't tell. His profile doesn't say anything about his name and I feel weird when I'm not able to know the name of who's writing, even if people can certainly lie about their names and identities on the internet (not to mention "real life"). All I can say is that he writes a humor column and is a stand-up comediant. I love Seinfeld, the TV show and the little sketches we can watch after it. So, ok, D will certainly score some points if he's able to make me at least smile and laugh on the inside. (I just think it's silly to laugh out loud when looking at a computer screen, don't you agree?)

D uses a blogspot layout which I think is just fine. It tells me he believes in the content and I love the idea that someone these days truly believes the content matters. Ok, Editor, you can say I use cliches in my reviews, it doesn't matter. I'm drunk. All links work ok. The blog's not that old (it started in March, 2004) and you can spend some time reading the archives.

I like to laugh. I doubt there's a person on Earth who doesn't. As I said, I feel pretty stupid if I'm laughing at the computer screen, so I'd rather laugh in the inside and don't show my teeth to the screen. Anyways, D is really funny. I mean it. Since I've come across this blog, I keep checking for updates. I'm addicted to it.

This site was reviewed on 2005-03-20 by Not_Enid.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
Not_Enid felt that The Letter D deserved a rating of 5.

I sat and thought about the title of this blog for a little while before I actually clicked the url to venture within. I tried to invision what images "The Letter D" brought to mind and, I incidentally came up with well, nothing. This one actually was going to require further investigation, so I decided to dive right in with a relatively blank canvas for a first impression.

Reading the 'about me' blurb, I discovered that this blogger is not only an attorney, but he also currently publishes a monthly humor column for a rag entitled "The Metro Male" in Grand Rapids, MI. Further reading reveals that he has a won a few stand up competitions, and subsequently was titled the 'funniest person in Grand Rapids' for two consecutive years. Immediately I was intrigued that I had a potentially great read ahead of me.

I was not disappointed! This guy is 'pretty darn funny' to quote a local television station's advertisement. I read easily through his entire archive of posts to not only test the links, but also to see if "D" came by his comedic personality honestly. I was going to be very disappointed if he merely had produced a few funny fluke posts. I found that I was pleasantly pleased! He has a smooth writing style that flows well and keeps you interested and wanting more. He writes thought provoking posts about daily life that can and do regularly happen to Everyman, not just his own experiences.

If you have not read this blog, I recommend highly all of his posts about the mentally challenged 'Stalkers', his daughter 'The Cub' and the 'Open Letter to Michael Jackson." I felt that I was there laughing with him watching these events as they conspired, and shaking my head in mutual consternation.

He utilizes a basic blogger template with no frills, bells or whistles on a stark white background. To some readers that might leave a lot to be desired. However, I honestly feel that what this site lacks in design, it ultimately makes up for in content.

This site was reviewed on 2005-03-20 by ThatWickedWench.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
ThatWickedWench felt that The Letter D deserved a rating of 4.5.

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