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Politics In Alabama

Politics in Alabama. This wasnít exactly a title that jumped towards my interests, but then again, itís probably not geared towards someone thatís not from Alabama.

As far as I could tell, "Politics in Alabama" has just started blogging on February 21nd of this year, or at least this is only as far as the archives go back.

This site is one that is ideal for someone interested in the political scene of Alabama. The author does a great job putting his thoughts down into words and giving readers enough information to make them feel somewhat knowledgeable. He also includes text from specific news article and almost always provides links to those articles for readers to explore.

I learned some things. For instance, who knew someone named Twinkle was the chairman of the Alabama Republican party?

The layout is a standard three column layout. As it goes with "Politics in Alabama", the layout works fine for the site. The left side gives viewers a contact email address and also a few different Google ads to see. The right side is the list of typical blogger additions: archives, a blogroll, a site counter, etc. Nothing special at all about the design of the site, but with this blog, people certainly wonít be surfing in to check out the latest layout or design.

Obviously, this isnít a site for everyone. Will I visit again? No. If I lived in Alabama, would I visit again? Absolutely. Aside from just Alabama folks being interested in what Jeff has to say, other huge politic junkies may find the actions of another stateís politics to be of some interest, too.

This site was reviewed on 2005-02-28 by Wendy.
They felt this site belonged in the News/Links category.
Wendy felt that Politics In Alabama deserved a rating of 4.5.

When I saw the name Politics In Alabama I really thought not another political blog, especially after this election year. Additionally this name while very descriptive did not impress me to want to read it since I do not live in Alabama.

The blog is a standard 3 column layout with one column for navigation, one for the blog and one for google ads. I found it odd to see google ads on a political blog, but to each their own. The blog has a red background with the three columns all having a grey or white background and black text. Very simple and clean.

While my frustration over what this blog could be about I was a little relieved to find out it is a new blog - just started in early February. This meant that I wouldn't have to read all about the election yet again, so I was a little relieved. The blog is about things going on in, wait for it, Alabama. Wow. That was a stretch right? But seriously, the blog talks about all different topics of politics from education to sports.

I was pleasantly surprised at this blog. While I could not relate one bit to it since I do not live anywhere near the south, this blog does what it is supposed to do and does it well. Normally I would have a hard time justifying a 4 for a site that I wouldn't visit, but this blog achieves its goal and if you live in Alabama, I suggest you check it out.

This site was reviewed on 2005-02-28 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the News/Links category.
Brent felt that Politics In Alabama deserved a rating of 4.

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