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Cut-rate parasite

When I first saw the name “cut rate parasite” it did not lend itself to a weblog I would care to read, but I persisted - more out of a degree of morbid curiosity than anything else. I was to be pleasantly surprised. “Cut-rate parasite” is, for the most part, a travel weblog run by an ex musician, ex journalist, and college professor. Now with that list of careers under his belt I felt the likelihood of a good read growing each second, and I was not to be disappointed.

The weblog has been in existence since October 2004, and can be described (essentially) by using his own words.

This blog mixes travel writing, irreverent looks at literature and severe simplifications of some literary theory that seems relevant to what I say now and then.

The content is extremely well written, and I found that once I had started reading my eyes were carried along the lines without effort. Maybe, in part, it is because I love to travel so much myself, and a lot of his journal reflects on his travel experiences, or maybe it is the simple fact that the author writes so very well. Either way this is a definite weblog I would return to check up on from time to time.

The design, or so it seems me, bares resemblance to the slightly generic blogspot templates - yellow background, with a white side column. But the site is clear, nicely laid out, easy to read, and does not detract unduly from the content. It is nice to see a writer concentrating on the stuff that really matters - the content, and merely putting forth a good plain design that is easy on the eye and simple to navigate.

All in all, I enjoyed reading “Cut rate parasite” immensely, despite my initial reservations. It is a real pleasure to read, and I would recommend to anyone, especially those who love to travel. A must read 5 site, a rare commodity.

This site was reviewed on 2005-03-21 by fembat.
They felt this site belonged in the Travel category.
fembat felt that Cut-rate parasite deserved a rating of 5.

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