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Flirty Kitty

When I sat down today to do my review, the title of the blog I was going to delve into gave me an unsure feeling about what I was going to be reading. "Flirty Kitty" conjured up visions of the stereotypical flighty high school girl who was going to prattle on about her latest crush, her clothes, her clique of friends, and other things that I wouldn't be able to identify with at all.

Boy, was I wrong

When I opened the page, my preconceived notions were automatically voided by the header, "The Misadventures Of Erotic Writer Tara Alton". My interest was automatically piqued and I jumped into the blog with both feet.

The blog layout is the standard blogger template which, honestly, isn't important to me at all if the content of the weblog is great - which this one is. The fact that a ganeric blogger template is used quickly becomes a null and void fact once you start reading.

The blog is written by the afore-mentioned "Tara Alton", a fascinating woman from Michigan who is an erotic writer by night and a corporate travel agent by day. She tells hilarious tales of her daily life and she literally had me laughing out loud at points. She has the incredible talent of making even the most mundane of events entertaining, and it's a skill too often lost on many bloggers.

She talks about her workplace, with co-workers like Crazy Jane (whose sole goal in life is to own a hot-dog cart). She talks about her pets - who with names like Miss Smarty Pants and Fiona take on a life seemingly all their own. She talks about her erotic writing (which can be sampled from a link on her page... which, incidentally, is great). She talks about her incredible crush on, of all things, a cupcake. She talks of and shows pictures of her Barbie collection doing things and having the life she only dreams of. This, and so much more, is what makes up the charming and ever-so-quirky personality of the author. Maybe it is because of my own eccentricities, but I immediately connected with this author and found myself ridiculously disappointed when I came to the last of her entries.

I found the blog to be an immensely entertaining and engrossing read, and it's actually going to make it to my personal list of frequently visited sites. My hat's off to the author for an exceptional read and you have now garnered yourself a loyal fan. It is for this reason, I give Flirty Kitty my first perfect 5/5.

This site was reviewed on 2004-09-22 by SuperSteve.
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SuperSteve felt that Flirty Kitty deserved a rating of 5.

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