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I think I want to be a comedian.

This is a re-review of I think I want to be a comedian.

I love this site. I have been reading it almost daily for a few months now. Not because of its generic, blue, movable type format. Not because it has beautiful photos or other art. But because the writer is a 21-year-old guy whose observations and stories are funny, overwhelmingly funny in some instances.

He started the blog in January 2004. He got his first comment from a reader on his second post entitled “Ongoing weather coverage.” Not a single post goes without comments now.

He has a sidebar with headings like “About Me and This Blog” and all of these entries are entertaining in themselves, including 1 Thing About Me which tells you 1. I will never make a '100 Things About Me' list. That should clue you in on his dry wit. The only confusion I have on the site is also in the Sidebar with the heading “Past Blog Entries.” I think he has just randomly chosen entries here because they don’t appear to be in any order of any kind. If they are some of his favorite posts (or his readers’ favorites), perhaps he should say so.

He has both long posts (I still laugh at the post called “Are You Afraid of Birds") and short posts with quick observations like “I think the worst day to be stabbed in the head would be Halloween.” If you can’t laugh at least once while visiting this site, well, I don’t think you have a funny bone, honestly.

I hope he does succeed in whatever comedy field he pursues. I also hope he still writes in his blog for a long, long time. I would give this site a higher score, but I don’t want him to stop trying to out-funny himself.

This site was reviewed on 2004-10-11 by SJtheMom.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
SJtheMom felt that I think I want to be a comedian. deserved a rating of 4.5.

I must be mad. I’ve just a horrible experience reviewing a comedy site and here we go with another one. But hey, it couldn’t be as bad… surely. The self deprecating comments in the banner hint at something a little wittier.

I liked the look of the site. A simple design with a left side panel. A nice blue, my favourite colour and easy to read black on white text. The usual about me, why this site and other links sit in the panel along with a working calendar that ferries you to and from posts. My only gripe here is that the calendar returns to the latest month when you access a particular post. That aside the links work. There is also a comment board which is cool. The banner is a home page icon which is always useful.

There is the occasional use of pictures and links which all work. There is a comments facility and this sometimes generated some interesting and occasionally funny moments. These interactions were particularly good when other comedians offered advice and assistance to the young man.

The author has just made a decision to think about making a decision to pursue a career in comedy as a writer. He is too shy to perform. His web log is a mixture of his thoughts and feelings about making this decision, his disbelief at being able to write funny material – he is a comedy magnet for good ideas (his words!) and his material. Comedy is so subjective, but I was pretty much mildly amused throughout. His comedy is situational in the Seinfeld, “what’s the deal with…” mould.

Some of the material was a little underdeveloped and could do with working on, but there were some real high points. Boxing got me laughing out loud and the Victory Q is a great story well told.

The site has been up and running since January 2004 and although he isn’t a prodigious blogger he has posted regularly enough since. There is a wealth of material here should he finally take the plunge and get up in front of an audience.

I’ve enjoyed this second comedy experience. The web log is reasonably well designed and written. At times I laughed out loud and have enjoyed his journey towards the bottom rung of the show business ladder. A three out of five.

This site was reviewed on 2004-06-24 by Duween.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
Duween felt that I think I want to be a comedian. deserved a rating of 3.

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