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The Suicidiaries

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When I first heard the "title" of this blog, well to me, it was self explanatory as to what the blog would be about.

When I first entered into the blog, I was greeted with a very crisp and clean looking layout. The first thing that caught my eye was a small introduction up in the right hand corner as to what the blog was all about. It went like this..

I come from a family that has been traumatized by suicides. I am the only one in 3 generations to not attempt it. This is my life, my struggles, my pains, my ramblings and my triumphs.

. Just below the introduction was a photo of a little girl who I am assuming is the author at a younger age.

Another thing I really liked was the fact that the author had her entries placed into categories. For example, the red posts are stories concerning her family, black posts are news articles on suicide/depression, and violet posts are just on different topics.

After going through the basics, I began my journey into the blog itself. The blog is basically based on topics of suicide. (which you can figure out from the title). I couldn't seem to find an "About Me", page at first. I later discovered it in her archives as one of her entries.

Carrie (the author) is a 32 year old lady who has gone through some very traumatic experiences in her life. She has come from a broken home, not to mention that several members of her family have either committed suicide or attempted it. In her entries, she talks a lot about her dad and her brother Corey (who she was very close to). She talks about her friends who have also committed/attempted suicide.

I went through more than half of her archives. I will admit that the entries were depressing and mind baffling at the same time. Reading the articles/entries, gave me a very uneasy and eerie feeling. But at the same time, I was touched by a majority of them.

Carrie has a very unique way of telling a story. You can sense the emotion and the sadness she is going through as you read the entries concerning her family. You may ask yourself why someone would devote their entire blog to writing articles on suicide. Well Carrie has been through so much trauma, maybe it's her way of dealing with the pain. Maybe it helps her to write down her feelings. Maybe she also wants to show others just how wrong it is to take your own life and what their loved ones go through. There could be several reasons why someone would write that kind of blog. However, I do know that Carrie's entries, will make you stop and think.

I also like the design of Carrie's blog. As I stated it has a very crisp and clean lay-out. Besides her introduction on the right hand side, she has several links which all seem to be in working order. She has a link to rate her on bloghop as well. As you scroll down she has a quote from "Benjamin Franklin", and she has a guest book as well.

I couldn't find one fault with Carrie's blog. Of course it would be depressing. It's about suicide. It's basically supposed to be depressing. I know this blog won't fit everyone's taste, but it may give some people a better outlook on life. I know I will be bookmarking Carrie's site.

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