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Switched At Birth

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My initial impression of this site was a very good one. The site was very crisp and neat, including three basic colors and a clean, legible font. I immediately thought that this was going to be a great site that a person of any age could enjoy because there was nothing too immature or mature about it. Another thing I noticed was that there were lots of pictures, which are important in enhancing your site and giving the reader a visual manifestation of the story or post. After this great first impression, I decided to dig into the weblog itself to see if this good feeling towards it would last.

The good feeling certainly did last. The posts were all very well thought out. Everything was interesting and fun and the writing was very smart. She talks about everything from cooking to what she thought when she woke up that morning. I was impressed with everything in the blog and the content was very entertaining. She obviously had a purpose in writing this blog, whether it was simply to get her ideas down or to share her experiences with the world, and her voice is strong and, at some times, moving. After reading her first post, I kept seeing her as an actress in a movie but it’s refreshing to know that she is a real woman, going through life just like me and everyone else, and I think it’s important to touch a reader like that.

The design was very easy to manage and I had no trouble navigating her site. She has all of her links on the left side and posts on the right, which is very common but for a good reason. Nothing is too cluttered; everything seems to fit just right. I think the design is great, to match her amazing blog.

To add to the experience, she was many different extras lining the left side of her site. You could find a specific type of entry by choosing a category of post, which I think is very unique and helpful. She also has as “Recommended Reading” section and a “Circle of Friends”! While enjoying her Photo Album, another great find, I noticed she was a nature nut, too. All of these things are great and only add to the experience of her blog.

Overall, I think this was an excellent blog and she shows great skill in writing, as well as photography and web design. I would greatly recommend visiting this site and I think it will only get better.

This site was reviewed on 2004-01-06 by Stephstah.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Stephstah felt that Switched At Birth deserved a rating of 5.

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