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What can you really think before stepping into someoneís world, via their own eyes, and read through those intimate personal moments called a weblog? What is your first reaction when the blog is named "'man.ik-di'pres.iv?" Well, you take a look. You read the little things on the splash page and you hold back just long enough to write this portion of the review before diving into the authorís mind. I canít help but assume that this blog will be scattered in pain, but I almost hope for raw emotion.

I started with a few of the recent entries, the two that are there. Then I dropped in on the archives. Iím not surprised by entries, but they spark emotion. They draw you in. Theyíre short, but indelibly moving. The author is obviously a man of few words, but with a writing ability like his, thereís no need for too many words. The author has points. He makes them and moves on. There is little by way of tangents, even if the entries vary to things throughout the day or his idea of "horrorscopes." The blog itself reads like a well written novel; the kind you read again and again because you loved it so much. Short spurts of wonder and intelligence. This is the kind of blog that makes me want to write quality, not quantity. This is the kind of blog that I love to find and read. This is the kind of blog everyone should get a chance to experience, even just once.

For a site hosted on geocities, itís beautifully dark. You see only the random picture in the left corner and the quote that coincides with it. You read his versions of the mundane, "the vault" as opposed to "archives." Itís actually very well laid out and clear. There isnít a ton of things to inundate the reader with this or that. Itís designed to allow the reader to choose where theyíd like to go.

He has a "say a prayer" portion thatís not for the people of the war, or the humans who lost lives. If you click on it, itís for those innocent, and I mean truly innocent, lost lives of animals. I canít help but be very sad at the reality of his concern. And I canít help but hope that his one voice changes the voice of others. This section alone, brought tears to my eyes. You can learn more about his likes and favorites in different sections of the site. You can learn more about him in the about me section.

Regardless of where you go on the site, as a reader, you will probably find something you can relate to. Itís not all filled with pain and angst, as you might think by the dark demeanor, but it is filled with insight. Insight into little things people often overlook in life. Or even insight into things weíve thought about many times, but never could find the right words to make them real. This site is my first 5.0 because I want to read every word written thereÖ ever. last. one.

This site was reviewed on 2003-08-08 by firefly.
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firefly felt that 'man.ik-di'pres.iv deserved a rating of 5.

Right from the start 'man.ik-di'pres.iv had a lot to live up to. Having manic depression in my family means I almost knew what to expect. This was familiar territory, perhaps too close to home, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it in a weblog. But the first post made me smile: a hi-fi war. You have no idea how many "hi-fi wars" I live with.

Of course reading about something familiar to me is always going to be of interest to me (and this man even shares my love of Home Alone and The Sound of Music), but 'man.ik-di'pres.iv presents a quirky writing style that could suck anyone in. It was interesting to read a weblog by someone outside of the US , especially a post about the measures taken at the author's work place, in response to the highly publicised SARS.

Although I never found anything in the weblog that explicitly stated the author is a manic-depressive, I'm assuming he is due to the title. The writing certainly seems manic. One minute we are told, "life is divided into the horrible and the miserable," and the next, "each moment of life is precious." All the posts are short enough to hold your attention and a post that brings you down will usually be followed by one that has you laughing.

The layout of the site is very dark: white type on a black background with a few black and white pictures. This works well for a site called 'man.ik-di'pres.iv where moods fluctuate from bright to gloomy. The site is on Geocities, which I know would put some people off, but the layout works as well as any standard Blogger template. Some of the non-blog pages, such as the front page, seem a little chaotic and unordered, but as it's the weblog I'm focusing on here I can say that the diary page looks fine.

'Man.ik-di'pres.iv has been going for three months now and I happily read through almost every post. The subject matter is a fascinating one and Alex obviously has a skill for writing for an audience. The entry page has a paragraph that says, "welcome to a peek into my mind. I hope it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth." It didn't. I'll be stopping by 'Man.ik-di'pres.iv in the future, and I advise paying a visit.

This site was reviewed on 2003-04-26 by Bluiser.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Bluiser felt that 'man.ik-di'pres.iv deserved a rating of 4.

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