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Digital Tirade was listed as an ďentertainmentĒ blog, so I expected to show up and get the latest lowdown on television or the movies. Digital Tirade really isnít an entertainment blog though Ė itís a group blog aboutÖ.well, a myriad of topics. Four guys with an overabundance of testosterone: let the hilarity ensue!

If the co-workers from Office Space got together and wrote a blog, I imagine that it would be much like Digital Tirade. Almost the whole first year of entries are mostly Waylin complaining about his job [thatís some entertaining stuff], but then the other writers of Digital Tirade show up. There is an element of an entertainment blog to Digital Tirade Ė thereís a section for reviews of mostly movies and video games. I will fully admit this: I love this blog. Itís funny, irreverent, and well-written. Iím totally hooked Ė I read every single entry, and thatís just about three years worth of entries.

The four writers at Digital Tirade donít always play off each otherís entries, but regardless of whether they do or not, each of them makes great contributions to the blog. Devilturnip has some great entries about his trouble with cops, and I think heís my favorite writer at Digital Tirade because he likes one of my favorite writers. Waylin is hilarious Ė he likes to teach Mormons about the chaos theory. I laughed and cried with Docnose as he explored the darker side of hibachi grilling, and with KoRyo as he complained about being his bossí personal bitch.

Digital Tirade has one of the best About Me type of pages I have ever read. It doesnít give too much information, but itís hilarious. There is a store where you can purchase Digital Tirade merchandise, but the graphic links to the merchandise were broken when I visited. Thereís also a section devoted to Waylinís artwork, and a section that displays stills from and links to three of the writersí webcams. Aside from all this, there are links to sites of interest and a great search feature. The design is good, with clean navigation.

Digital Tirade is one of the most entertaining blogs Iíve come across in a while Ė Iím definitely adding them to my blogroll list and will read regularly!

This site was reviewed on 2002-12-27 by nicole.
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