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then you discover...

The first thing I thought when I saw this site was “wow”. It looked like was going to be a good site from the outset. The colours, or rather the lack of colours used in the design, helped make the images stand out and gave the site a very pleasant feel, now for the content.

After initially being impressed, I was hoping this would continue, and that I would find interesting and exciting content. I was not disappointed. Often I find the difference between a good and a great weblog is how natural the writing seems. The author shows a natural flare for writing interesting and creative entries. This impressed me.

The site doesn’t have a massive collection of gimmicks or a collection of extras that are rarely viewed. Instead the author has chosen to go for quality rather than quantity and there for, there are only two main sections on the site, words and images. The words section is the weblog and the images section is a collection of very professional pictures that fits nicely into the site.

The design itself is functional and uses a sensible archiving system. The navigation is straightforward and easy to use.

The content of this site is high quality and the design of the site is sensible. I was pleasantly surprised by the site as a whole, and because of the quality, the lack of extras is certainly not a bad thing as it just makes the site easier to use. This site is certainly worth visiting.

This site was reviewed on 2002-12-02 by onlyiknow.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
onlyiknow felt that then you discover... deserved a rating of 5.

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