Tore Hogstvedt’s Norwegian Expressionism

Here at The Weblog Review we’re sometimes asked to review sites that are an absolute pleasure to explore, and site of Norwegian artist Tore Hogstvedt is certainly an example of this. Tore has created a simple site to showcase his art, from oil paintings, Impressionism, pastels, to lithography, and tell the world about upcoming exhibitions that he has, as well as to give a little background about him personally.

Mr. Hogstvedt appears to me to be a very gifted artist, and through much of this simple, relatively new website he lets his art do the talking. If you are a fan of Impressionism especially, you really should take a look at this blog. The subject matter of most of Tore’s paintings are natural outdoor Scandinavian scenes, from every season of the year, and usually feature water i.e. really spectacular river and lake-side settings.

As you might expect Tore Hogstvedt’s blog is loaded with JPEG images of his art as well as his art studio. Click on any of the JPEG’s and you can get a very close inspection of the wonderful detail in his paintings. He seems to have a real talent for painting moving water, as the effect is almost photorealistic. The pastoral settings induce calm upon the viewer, and I’d have to say that I’d like to see more!

Tore’s blog is an example of how an artist or craftsman can use blogging technology to let the world know of his or her talents. By the looks of Tore’s abilities, as well as the press he receives and the galleries which show his work (as evidenced by links to it all on the sidebar) it appears to me that he has solidly established himself in the art world, but we who might never have heard of him otherwise are fortunate to easily be able to take a look at his artwork.

Remember that offers free blogging software, so with it there’s no need to register your own domain name or pay for hosting. Tore may very well be tech-savvy, but with he doesn’t have to be.

His site reminds us that for creative people who simply want to get the word out about the work they are doing, the blog format holds enormous benefits. We see time and time again how blogging empowers those who might never have had a way to be heard-or seen-before to communicate their labors, and even form a foundation for marketing their work. No one would begrudge artists the ability to make a living from their talents, and by displaying their art online people like Tore Hogstvedt are aided in this noble goal, via websites that are in themselves art.

Do take a look at this site, and enjoy Tore Hogstvedt’s wonderful paintings.NULL