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I checked out this site after seeing it featured as the "Site of the Week" here on The Weblog Review. Honestly, my first thought was "What am I missing?" The site seemed to have gotten rave reviews about the graphics, yet all I could see were four blurry images across the top. I opened up a different browser (Netscape) to see if I was perhaps not getting it all in this one (IE). Alas, Netscape would not display the page at all.

So I started reading the weblog, and was not grabbed by anything interesting. It was not poorly written or necessarily bad, but there was no content that hooked me or got my attention. Then I realized that there were only four log entries, and no links to other content on the site.

I would like to hope that the page was experiencing some technical difficulties and that I was not seeing everything. One weblog entry did mention something about a server crashing.

I will check back another time to see if I am wrong about this site, and I will ammend this review if need be.

This site was reviewed on 2001-08-27 by Will.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Will felt that deserved a rating of 3.125.

As soon as the first page loaded, I was stunned. The image the author has chosen for the top corner is one of the best photographic images I have seen used in a blog for a long time. The colours, the composition, the way it establishes a mood, everything about it is just right.

The rest of the design is excellent as well. For a start, the navigation and layout hold all through the site (a rarity these days), and is strong enough to fit the blog, archive and photo collection.

The blogs are well written and thoughtful, and contain the personal touch that should be present in a blog.

I do disagree with one of the other reviews of this site; xfinity contains exactly the right amount of images, and the CSS used is subtle and works perfectly. A site with so exquisite a front page, and good content to continue to draw the reader in, should be a success, and I hope that it is.

This site was reviewed on 2001-07-31 by chrisw.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
chrisw felt that deserved a rating of 3.125.

Looking only at the weblog part of this site, I'd have to say it's really nothing special. The artistic abilities of the author are nothing short of amazing, yet can't he spare a few moments to spice up the main part of his site with a few images? Of course, I hate images because they take forever to LOAD, but still, he has the ability... Why not apply it?

I'd really have to say the posts are so/so with a few ups and downs here and there. Nothing really captured my attention for any length of time. I would say that the "art" section kept me busy, but I'm really not an aesthetic for other peoples' computer-oriented art skills.

If I could make any recommendations to this author it would be to sit down and think about your posts more. You have your own DOMAIN, so lots of people will be coming to the site. Give them something flashy, yet QUICK loading. Use some CSS or something like I do. You've got what it takes to be an interesting site, it's just that there's too much "blah"-ness soaking into your page. Well, at least the main page. Main pages are supposed to be visually stunning, no?

This site was reviewed on 2001-07-30 by aorta.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
aorta felt that deserved a rating of 3.125.

The first thing I thought when I viewed the site was "Woah...this is amazing." the graphics were incredibly professional and very well presented. They fitted with his "blog" entries extremely well.

I can not emphasize how much I enjoyed
looking at this site and that was even before I'd began to read anything, this was mainly because it was visually attractive.

I particularly enjoyed looking at the content aswell as the blog entries, it make a refresing change for the content
to be good aswell as the layout and entries.

Each entry is of high quality, none of the usual typos people often make.
I enjoyed reading what he had to say,
although he spoke about some very mundane things I felt I had to read on to see him make his point.

An altogether interesting site, but don't just take it from me, go and visit it yourself.

This site was reviewed on 2001-07-27 by alexa.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
alexa felt that deserved a rating of 3.125.

4 reviewers gave an average rating of 3.1250

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