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My first impression of was was, "Hey, cool layout!" My second impression, once reading the message on the top of the page, "this site is optimized for a screen resolution of: 1024x768," was: "aw, that's not nice." But I could read and navigate Daniel Lacy's website on an 800x600 resolution just fine, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

The blog is only one section of the site. There's not much there, and I tried looking for an archives section and could not find one. The writing is...teenager-ish, which Daniel happens to be. There's no capitalization, which I notice is standard throughout the site. The writing itself is the basic blog formula: stories about daily life with a scattering of images and song lyrics. There's nothing wrong with that, but the quality is not good enough to separate it from the masses.

What does set from the rest is the "art" section that exhibits Lacy's work. Some of the images are really good, and you can clearly see Daniel has talent.

Design-wise, is very well done. All the links work, and the color scheme is nice and trendy. My only quibble is that frames are used, which I really don't like and are sometimes hard to navigate or bookmark.

In conclusion, visit for the artwork, and if you want to know more about the artist, read the blog and the “about me” section.

This site was reviewed on 2002-08-01 by kika.
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kika felt that to deserved a rating of 3.5.

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