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Victor Echo Zulu

"One view on life, the universe and everything else" is the subtitle on "Victor Echo Zulu" which is what you get.

Victor is quite vocal on different topics ranging from politics, world views and frequently discusses articles he's read online or in his local newspaper in Australia. He also links those to his posts in case his readers would like to refer to the article for more reference and learn more about the topic at hand.

What I liked about his site is sometimes he wrote about things which maybe of be of controversy that could be just his views from personal experience or passages from the Bible that my relate to the world today.

Apart from the weblog, the layout's pretty simple; just the standard layout from Radio Userland.

Good site if you like to read about world news and politics from an Aussie point of view.

This site was reviewed on 2002-04-01 by Imelda.
They felt this site belonged in the News/Links category.
Imelda felt that Victor Echo Zulu deserved a rating of 3.

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